Belt Tensioner Replacement On A Lincoln Town Car

Belt Tensioner Replacement On A Lincoln Town Car

In this video I show you how to replace the serpentine belt tensioner and the idler pulley on a Lincoln Town Car with a 4.6 engine.



Jeffrey Johnston says:

Would love to see you do a brake job on one of these town cars! Made this job much easier

Andres Reyes says:

And that’s because I had to wait for the part

Andres Reyes says:

Took me 15 min

Arne Brown says:

So what sound does it make when it's bad? Was it a squeak or a rattle?

Len Giggity says:

Ok. Thanks. Looks easy enough. I'll go do mine now. Nice video professor. Right to the point.

The Gentleman's Garage says:

Nice video. Good gift from your son.
I think I'll change mine for fun. Good idea on the belt map. On my 95 I had the map.
But my 2011 i would have been looking for it AFTER removing the belt. Lol.

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