2003 – 2011 FN145 Lincoln Town Car Upper Control Arm Replacement – How To

2003 – 2011 FN145 Lincoln Town Car Upper Control Arm Replacement – How To


Ford Boss Me says:

I have no idea why I keep calling upper control arm the lower control arm, long day!!

Control arm nut torque ball joint nut torque and the lower shock nut torque 111 foot pounds

TheRdjohnson14 says:

So I failed due to parking brake failure I think I'm going to try n adjust it first I'm not sure of if need a new cable or what …that's the only thing that failed I really think this is something I can do in my yard instead of dishing out 500 bucks

Royce Woods says:

Thank you for this video. I ordered upper control arms and struts for my 03 Town Car today. Sounds like I will be buying some new tools but it doesn’t look like that bad of a job.

Bobo Sunny says:

Hello Mr. Ford Boss Me. Great video thank you. Is possible to only do the ball joint without having to un hook the upper control arm and the bottom bolt? Thanks

alb12345672 says:

Nice tutorial!!! I'm sure you know the 98-02 is kinda different. The UCA connects to the frame. More like a truck. Those you have to be careful with the spring!

Nathan Jay says:

Man, I was about to make a video about this! I don't doubt yours is better than what mine was going to be.

I had the issue where my airbox is stuck in and I'm afraid to break the bolts on it. Got any tips to get that ABS sensor replaced?

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