2003-2006 Lincoln Navigator Power Door Locks Inoperative: Quick Diagnostic Methods

2003-2006 Lincoln Navigator Power Door Locks Inoperative: Quick Diagnostic Methods

Come along as we diagnose inoperative power door locks on a 2004 Navigator. You may be surprised at how easy it can be!
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Frank Marino says:

Nothing to do with this video but baby you can help out I have a radio showing radio fault contact dealer
2010 Lincoln Navigator
Fail safe mode
Can you help
Microsoft sync radio

Ali Kenan Kucukcaglayan says:

Hi, my 2004 Navigator has lost some of the functions under the setup menu. When I say lost, I mean they disappear from the Setup menu, such functions as reverse mirrors, easy exit seat, autolamp delay, reverse sensing system, power deployable running boards, etc. Therefore I don't have access to those functions anymore. Power lift gate module is working fine. Do you know how I get those settings displayed again back in the setup menu? I read some people had this issue either when they changed the battery or when they removed the error codes with diag tool, but no one wrote any fix. I'll appreciate if you can help me on that

Sarah Tavarez says:

Hello, I would like to know where you live. My 2004 Lincoln Navigator truck does not open the doors and neither does the rear one. I have taken it to several mechanics and nobody solves the problem.

Troy Allen says:

Radio don’t come on

Fili Rojas says:

X favor en español


If my door lock is bad , can it set off my anti theft and stop the car form starting ????

jojothacircusmonkey1 says:

I have a 2004 lincoln navigator. The turn signal indicator switch is broken. Online cheap as 150 to 250 bucks but I found the 2004 Ford expedition xlt looks the same. Is that part the same on both or is there a difference? . The Ford model is 80 bucks. They look identical…

Paul Keppler says:

Very helpful! I been using the remote to open/lock it

d r says:

My 2010 navigator lock button won't work for driver and passenger but unlock works for both. Its not the switch bc grounding out the pin didn't lock it but it did unlock it. Door locks work with key fob and door code buttons. Where should I look next?

Andrew Feeley says:

If the switch is bad like in this video you can pop the top off the switch and clean the contacts.

Joe Evers says:

Your awesom Fordbtech

Steven Bullard says:

Couldn’t find a vid on mine. 1999 f150 when I hit the lock or unlock switch both sides try to lock and unlock but act like they are jammed. Pass door switch same way. Both sides did it same time. Now have to lock manually. What do you think causes this or I would like to see a vid on it. Can’t see both actuators going bad at same time

polocash11 says:

I am having problems with side view mirrors. In/out and moving. an you send me info for this? Also problem with my ac/heated driver's seat. Tried new switch. Pass side works.

Claudia Saldana says:

I might of missed it but how to do fix it. I have a 06 navi. Similar issue but mine only locks and doesn't unlock. Please show how to repair it. Moreover I got my remote wet and it goes crazy- unlocking, locking, opening liftgate, etc. How can I fix it. I already dried it, sprayed it with sensor spray, removed and replaced the battery and nothing works.

Tony Goodsell says:

Excellent! Saved me a ton of time and perfectly explained. Your instructions have prevented me from becoming a "parts swapper" LoL! Thank you

StayClassy says:

My lock works but unlock doesn't

Mario Lapi says:

What if there’s not ground , doesn’t light up

cypress03 says:

My doors only lock. When i press unlock it locks. When i press lock it does nothing. But driver and passenger side do the same. Any ideas whats the problem

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