2001 Lincoln LS Tie Rod Repair | Fixing a Clunking Noise

2001 Lincoln LS Tie Rod Repair | Fixing a Clunking Noise

Our customer came to us complaining of a clunking noise. Tim diagnosed the problem and found an inner tie rod was loose. After replacing that, we have a fix!



Norm Peplow says:

Nice demo & explanation analyzing and fixing the problem.

Quentin Lewis says:

Thanks this Video has been very and I mean very helpful. My inner tie rod broke last night driving home from work. Thanks

Luster McQueen says:

What about the left side I've never seen the left side done

kochatj says:

This is the steering for some human to trust with his life. Why would you not use a torque wrench and torque it to spec when torquing the inner tie rod end?

kochatj says:

Shouldn't you try not to torque on the rack when tightening the inner tie rod end? I always hold the end of the rack when torquing the tie rod end

Scott Miller says:

Thanks for the video. Can you describe what the tool is that you used to tighten the tie rod?

edward espinoza says:

great vid.thanks for sharing.

TheOutwiththeold says:

Try this in Illinois….

Christopher Sutter says:

This helped a lot…. I'm working on my ls right now….. Hopefully this will stop some vibrations and straighten my steering wheel back out

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