⭐ 2004 Lincoln Navigator – 5.4 – Runs Rough – Misfire

⭐ 2004 Lincoln Navigator – 5.4 – Runs Rough – Misfire

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Chris Norquest says:

Thanks for showing this, troubleshooting using the process of elimination is becoming a lost art these days. My wife's 01 Navigator just developed a bad misfire with no codes, I am going to try this. Please tuck that tie into your shirt, we want to see your videos for many years to come. Thanks!

Juan Zavala says:

Both motors did the same thing…leaving work one-day tried to crank it to go home …shuck the whole truck…then I waited 4 min tried it again did the same …wait 3 hours then it crank but I could hear a bad lefter…so I call the place where I bought the motor and the sent me another motor…same thing again but now it sounds like a rod broke in it….are the mechanic doing something wrong here???

Juan Zavala says:

Hey I have a question…I took my 2004 lincoln navigator to replace a motor..went bad in a month..second one last 2 weeks started knocking


You didn't notice the hose Mission off the EGR valve ?

Spec- Jones says:

I have a 05 Lincoln Navigator and my engine sputters in idle and when I drive, someone said check my air control intake and I can't find it.. Its a 3V triton

Favors says:

What if you still have a misfire after you’ve replaced the coils and spark plugs? What do you think could possibly be the culprit of the misfire?

Melissa Elenes-torres says:

Quick question I'm not a mechanic at all.but I can't find a mechanic it I can't afford one.so been learning some what off of YouTube.but I have a line on passenger side coming straight from firewall i believe that's what it's called.but it's not connected to anything.wha does it connect to?does it connect to that weird round looking thing I think it's the main vacuum thing?please someone help and no rude comments ty and yes same vehicle 04 navigator

Casandra Hanson says:

My 2007 Lincoln navigatior
P0179 p0103

Had a tune up only changed one coil and changed 8 spark plugs

Still drive rough engine shaking
Engine light blinks

Check the mass air flow disconnected and Lincoln was still running
So I’m guess I need mass air flow or clean it
Then diagnose said Catylic converter
When driving it it shakes when going pass 60 mph then drives okay then back to shaking when at red light

Big Block says:

Where I can buy new wire ?

sky watcher says:

Mine would cut off and even went in limp mode and still wouldn't get check engine light.tested code with obd2 got a code with coil bad cil 6 stumped on why engine light didn't come on.bulb is good.did same thing when idle air valve went bad got code with out engine light or service light come on.glad I know q little about cars to have someone check for codes.

Big Block says:

Does ur Lincoln have a MAP sensor ?

Jesus Herrera says:

Im getting a code p0308 on 2003 navigator, misfire on cylinder 8, it does idle rough, would that cause for truck to start jerking while going at 45 to 50 mph like if was transmission?


Thanks for great information ❣️

T.J. Pantazis says:

My man you made me nervous seeing you lean over that running engine with a tie on! Great video!

Johnathon Peterson says:

Next time to make it all little easier on you take the bolt out of the power steering reservoir bracket and it will spring out of the way and give you a little more room

StayClassy says:

Great video

J Stjohnny says:

this guy knows his shit

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