Someone VICIOUSLY KEYED Every Part of His Lexus | How To Easily Fix VANDALISM

Someone VICIOUSLY KEYED Every Part of His Lexus | How To Easily Fix VANDALISM

You can get this color from the website and try it yourself if your car is messed up or someone damaged it. Just sand it down smooth and wrap it!

Go pick out your favorite color and give it a try! If I can do it, you can.

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Chaichai l says:

He will probably be back cause the neighbor gonna key it again hahahaah

Iam Sam says:

He says he's not a pro, but he's done so many high quality wraps I don't think he can say that anymore.

Maverick’s Universe says:

I’ve literally watched you grow to perfection in your art. Flawless perfection

Daviean Williams says:

Winning top 10

XxLonelyxX says:

sounds like a crazy ex

RM says:

I need a makeover like that

Anybikelifeproductions says:

I love the videos keep it up I know u just wrap but if u clean all the windows after wrap look so much better on cam

M.G. ryan says:

Would it be ok to wrap outside but under a car cover?

Tamaria Love says:

It’s crazy because I have the same car in red and it’s wrapped with a satin white lol

Davis C says:

Dated a woman in college that was batshit crazy. keyed my car all to hell cuz I was flirting with her friend. Women are bitter & can hold a grudge i tell u, she didn't even invite the poor girl to our wedding.

Sam3460 says:

jealous people

Battal Ömer says:


Dalyn Ferguson says:

Awesome video man love your stuff. Can’t wait to wrap my car with your stuff!

James Bond says:

I literally couldn’t do anything bc I didn’t have a video of the person doing it and my neighbor has camera but didn’t want to help I think I know who it was lol ….

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