Lexus / Toyota TPMS Sensor Battery Replacement

Lexus / Toyota TPMS Sensor Battery Replacement

This is a video about how to change your TPMS Sensor Battery for a Lexus or Toyota Vehicle for $3.49 per tire plus shipping

Link to purchase the battery here



otrot land says:

why does the battery have to be sealed? great job.

videofan25 says:

Thanks man! but not sure the effort and risk are worth it. I knew the battery replacement would not be easy, but this is just way much. I'll pass.

James Koralewski says:

You are not back in business until you check that the TPMS sensor is working properly. Also, you did not give the silicone very long to cure!

James Koralewski says:

You need liquid FLUX to put on that battery to aid with the solder flow onto the battery.

James Koralewski says:

You're worried about saving money on a battery replacement after buying a car for $40,000. You are the ultimate CHEAPSKATE!

David Bergman says:

How did you check to see if the new battery and the sensor was working after you soldered the battery in?

Daryl Robert says:

i tried using my car to remove the sensor and its very dangerous when you dont get the angle right

Eva Qin says:

Push the side of the tire this far could damage the steel wires inside

* Bednar says:

Bro TPMS sensors $39 for a 4 pk on Amazon put the box cutter away.

Harry Kim says:

Great Information
for not even saving money but making easier without reprogram it.


Just go to Costco Tires. $15 each with installation.

safffff1000 says:

Great instructional video from begging to end. You show the how to take tire off which I really appreciate.

Edgardo Pasana says:

Safety first dude …

david Co says:

Thank you very much .

S C says:

Ain’t worth risking deep cuts!!

CampfireCrucifix says:

OSHA would have a field day with this video

CampfireCrucifix says:

Worker: Hey boss, this food says it expired yesterday. I really don't think we should be feeding it to our customers.

Boss: 3:49

Martinccy Y says:

Don't cut your fingers.

Shalmaneser says:

The fun begins after you change batteries and you have a busted sensor. DOH!

jus1taj says:

Great info, scary knifing. That was too close man.

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