Lexus SC400 A/C Compressor Replacement (how to)

Lexus SC400 A/C Compressor Replacement (how to)

max refrigerant 1.98 lbs
min 1.78 lbs
Hope this video helps you guys out.



Chase McClary says:

Hey man I for the life of me cant get the compressor out I got it all disconnected and all bolts out but it just doesn't Wana come out

Ernest Spriggs says:

Man you're a life saver. Thanks for the easy tutorial

Brady Huggins says:

Glad this video was here as I’m about to do this same thing. Shop wanted $950 to do it so I will be replacing it myself. Still gonna have them properly charge it though. Did you also replace the accumulator or AC expansion valve? The shop told me they were going to order a kit that included those as well as the compressor. So I will probably replace those when I do the compressor? The accumulator and expansion valve are only like 10-15 dollars on rockauto so I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

The Gasman 05 says:

Do more truck videos please I'm about to get one

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