Lexus RX350 idler pulley how to replace 2007

Lexus RX350 idler pulley how to replace 2007

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how to replace the idler pulley on a 2007 Lexus RX350

this video will show you also how to remove the belt

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My family Blessings says:

My mechanic was charging me way to much for this work!!! I did it my self all thanks to you. That ugly noise went away and now it sounds normal.

Julio's DIY says:

Nice, how much do u think dealer will charge?

Frank Conticello says:

Is it the same for ES350? noticed there are 2. Should have replaced them when I replaced the tensioner but they weren't squeaking then.

JT K says:

Thank you for sharing, keep the good work!

Taffie Goodloe says:

I just stumbled across your video after researching what the noise was with my 2007 Lexus Es350. Now I know for sure. Thanks

Ray Nel says:

Hey, I know it's a year later. I just watched this video. My car is making a noise that sounds the same. 2008 rx350. Sometimes it goes away, then comes back all of a sudden. I don't know if it's the belt or the idler pulley. Haven't brought to my mechanic yet and limited of funds. I know this job isn't hard, it's my sis car that I'm renting so i won't try but I want to know so I can go to the mechanic and tell him it's not a hard job, and maybe even help him so he don't charge me so much. Can you please help?

Yeeying Mouayang says:

How to replace knock sensor 06 4runner sr5

Ajogi Emmanuel says:

Is the idler pulley suppose to rotate freely?

dave trinh says:

Hey do you know the torque settings of the bolt by any chance
Great video

Damien Bell says:

I have to do the water pump on mine this week. Just waiting for my wrench extension 90 degree ends. Great job by the way.

M shad says:

Thank you Sir.

H Alganis says:

3:03 You did not put back the spacer/washer?


Cách thay puly tỳ xe lexus rx350 đời 2007 rất hay ,cảm ơn bạn hướng dẫn

Jacob Buckey says:

how hard is it to replace the belt to? will you need to pull off extra parts to get it off or after you release the tension er?

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