Lexus ISF Header Install | Step By Step Guide for SIKKY Headers

Lexus ISF Header Install | Step By Step Guide for SIKKY Headers

James from SIKKY Manufacturing shows you Step By Step how to install a set of SIKKY Manufacturing bad ass headers in your Lexus ISF. Installation of these headers is not easy, but if you take your time it is possible and end result of improved power, performance and reliability will make it all worth it!
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Danr6189 says:

feels like a clutch job

Danr6189 says:

where do you get markers like that?

Uriaan du Plessis says:

I was expecting a startup and rev at the end

Taemook Gang says:

Are you planning to make Genesis 5.0 exhaust manifolds?

com yahoo says:

Can it be installed on Japanese LEXUS ISF?

Ali Alkadem says:

The only video that show both sides, great job guys


do these headers fit RHD (UK) ISFs????

Shaquan Davis says:

Is this similar with PPE headers ? Thank you

Phillip Hayes says:

What about the Cats?

Timothy Liska says:

No any shops in California that can do these..


so its made in the USA…but now aviable in the USA per your website

Jordan Lam says:

Why u have to change the oil dipstick and tube? Keep u keep the factory one?

cai123456789j says:

Is this same as a is350?

Johnny Zachry says:

What is the purpose of removing the rubber tops on the engine mount

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