Lexus IS250 2005-2013 Rear Brake Pads Replacement | STUCK GUIDE PIN FIX

Lexus IS250 2005-2013 Rear Brake Pads Replacement | STUCK GUIDE PIN FIX

Watch video on how to bleed brakes here:

In this video we are replacing rear brake pads and fixing stuck brake caliper guide pins. Same rear brakes are on some Lexus GS models.



Toyota Tundra04 says:

How do you prevent the brake line from leaking after you remove the caliper? Thanks.

flyonbyya says:

Simply Buy replacement calipers

Then service them once a year

jose miguel fleitas medina says:

Y los discos se dejan como están? Las pastillas que le montes se harán una desgracia también.

Patrick Cannell says:

Look at that corrosion, definitely a cars used where the use salt to disperse snow.

kenny lavay says:

Forgot to bleed the brake system before installing the wheel !

M G ARSLAN says:

Forest time.

ItsPho says:

What was the year of that particular Lexus?

Príncipe Azul says:

Typical issue on toyotas

Randy Ward says:

As my Dad would ALWAYS do!!!!!! Spray down with penetrating oil !!!!!

Louis van Rijn says:

Even a Lexus needs a torch.. the fire-spanner. The action at 3:42 however, repeated 1 million times, looses any bolt.
If Lexus-designers had pressed in stainless-steel bush, and used appropriate thick grease, and seal to keep that grease in place, the problem would not occur. Does that really make the car far to expensive?
Are there any "good" cars left? I do not think so.
Conclusion: Lexus is simply " a car ", like others. It does not distinguish it self technically from others.
(Alto-front-calipers have exactly the same problem.)

Henry Phillips says:

Sds chisel or air hammer makes this a complete non problem. Rebuild the pistons and getting them back in also sds drill makes it child's play. This car NEEDS caliper bebuild kits (ebay) slider dust boots, piston seals, grease, slider pin rubber o ring, DOT4 flush, They are very cheap to do.

Shimxi Ninahi says:

Before removing the stuck caliper, watch what happens when you have someone else apply the brake pedal hard or constant pushing. The inner pad does 98% of the work and the caliper flex 30% away from its center. I don't know about the Federal, but Toyota car owners will be in trouble when the stationary pin snaps off at its threads. Companies should be stopped producing this caliper by a recall and go back to 2 removable pins fasteners. Camry is the best test subject, it is less beefy than Lexus.

gsg9ff says:

what size is the rotor removal bolt?

Henry Urena says:

Why don't clean and paint no profesional

jtsct says:

I had to do that today. I heated the pin housing up and beat it out with a hammer. I'm replacing calipers anyway.

Emilian, M says:

So I don't need to remove the caliper to change the brakes on the 250?

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