Lexus DIY. (GS/IS/LS/RX) Tesla style screen px6 install (logo) part 3

Lexus DIY. (GS/IS/LS/RX) Tesla style screen px6 install (logo) part 3

My bootanimation creation all at my lexus thread on LEXUS FORUM BELOW
purchased unit from here
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Don Williams says:

I just recently purchased a Tesla style radio from rhino radios do u know a app to download free movies and music videos

Alexander Rowe says:

I have one of these. I was wondering have you lost sound quality? And if so how did you fix it?

FitFIERCEover50 The Black Woman's Guide says:

Can You reccomend anyone in Atlanta GA that can perform installation?

ben williams says:

Great video. Do you install these units?

flocky rocky says:

Can you dim the screen?

PartsUnknown Beatz says:

How are you getting Netflix to work. Are you using wifi from your phone?

Efrain G says:

Does apply car play work with this unit? How responsive are the HVAC buttons? Thanks. Great video

Sonny Vito says:

I need this in my 2006 man this is nice wow !!!!!!!

Pryce Watkins says:

Does this installment affect the car battery at all? Or AC unit.

SE M says:

What are the dimming functions if any? Thank you for your videos!

blackboi uno 1 says:

Dude how u get that start up display..its sick…love it

Eric Ludington says:

Have you had any problems with unit ?

Wesley Hampton says:

Hello where did you buy this head unit from because I have 2006 Lexus GS 300 loaded With everything so I’m trying to get a new head unit

Emmanuel Ojprime says:

Does the back up camera work with this unit?

Chris says:

LMAO, that slick Lexus animation cut to your 240p footage was hilarious.

E Wil says:

Where did you get the unit from?

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