Installing ROLLS ROYCE Star Lights on my VIP Lexus LS400! ($90 AMAZON MOD)

Installing ROLLS ROYCE Star Lights on my VIP Lexus LS400! ($90 AMAZON MOD)

Today I paid a visit to some of my close friends while I was home for the holidays, and then Installed Rolls Royce star light fiber optics on the VIP LS400! I think it came out absolutely amazing, what do you think? Link below to the kit I used!
Camera Stabilizer:
Stabilizer Case:
Camera Cage:
Camera Backpack:

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Reese Bloemen says:

Hey divine im currently installing this… how did you hook up the wiring and power box exactly?

Sanguine says:

this is so sick ahhh

Uniquestanced says:

will be doing this to the LS430 once i get it

Lil June says:

I wanted to do this to my BMW but I was nervous because my headliner is Tan. Thanks for your video

Jemimah Williams says:

So glad I found this video of u keeping the headliner tan. I wasn't feeling spraying my Benz headliner black. It still shows up just fine.Ty

Andresmgna says:

What kind of glue did you use?

Why Knot says:

first time i see a ls400 with no sunroof

Alex Prior says:

Just did this to my headliner and rocking his air freshener!

Jeramy Davin says:

Just about to do this in my 2001 Lexus RX 300!

Vv says:

Good Job Bro!

Man60 Nay60rhood says:

Wht part of Connecticut can you do my headliner I’m in Meriden ct

Rob says:

Yea I have to do this ..for my daily Ek build

Dave Johnson says:

Looks awesome, what did you use to poke the holes on the headliner? Thanks

Ultra Note20 says:

Yo why shit always gotta be ghetto when u mod some shit on a budget….. what the fuk happened to Jimmy riggin shit

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