How to replace front struts on 2001 lexus ES300

How to replace front struts on 2001 lexus ES300

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Rudy Sison says:

Nice video but I have no Impact gun. I have to do this tje old fashion way…alot of grunting, cuzzing, and alot of beers.

Rudy Sison says:

Where is your shop dude, can you fix mine.

Christian Schell says:

Any recommendations on a good quality strut assembly? Also thoughts on doing a strut spacer to give more ground clearance?

Angelo Khanhnhay says:

Those 22mm bolts whats the name of that bolt. Im trying to buy replacement for it.

William Kreth says:

Thanks dude! I got a few quotes on getting my struts done and my jaw dropped when I got the estimates! So I am going to do it myself!

joshua raglin says:

Can I do this myself, what tools will I need.


yo your in Jersey??? wheres your shop bro .

williamson alteus says:

Yes very clear directions

MrHighPerformance says:

Why didn't you guys replace the strut mounts? Other than that, you guys did a good tutorial.

Paul S says:

Real good video! Clear directions, can understand you, and very informative.

Fawzi Breidi says:

do you have link for linkage video?

Easy living Sherpa says:

You dont torque things down to spec?

True Camo says:

awesome tutorial! very useful!

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