How to replace front cv axle on 2009 lexus es350

How to replace front cv axle on 2009 lexus es350


Thanavit Z says:

lamo…. this is definitely not a how to

Jacob Buckey says:

Where ya live? I'm coming over to do mine next. Exact car haha

sigfrern1970 touareg1970 says:

I don't know how you removed that drive shaft nut using a 32 millimeter socket , you are supposed to use a 12 point 30 millimeter socket,

Back on the farm. Lance says:

Good video, but too much talking.

bob curt says:

Better to remove the CV axle from the bottom…does not affect alignment that way, but tough to do in your driveway

Kelly Griffith says:

Please chalk the tires from now on and for every job lifting the car. The car can still roll and smash things. Like you

3rdzodiac says:

Good job but you didn't have to do all that you did. Just remove the 3 nuts from the LBJ, and lift the spindle up and out of the LCA. Now you can remove the axle. Also that "bar" is called an outer tie rod.

Christian Calderon says:

Where did you purchased the axle my friend?

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