How to install OEM Splash Mud Guards Flaps on the 2017 Lexus RX 350 | PU060-4801T-P1

How to install OEM Splash Mud Guards Flaps on the 2017 Lexus RX 350 | PU060-4801T-P1

My pops has been wanting a set of mud guards/flaps/shields – whatever you want to call them. So I picked up an OEM set and spent the afternoon together.

Part Number # PU060-4801T-P1

As a viewer had pointed out, my video did not mention the install of the included spacers for the front mud-flaps. This should be around the 5:50 mark. Please refer to the official instructions from Toyota below for a much better explanation than this video.

PDF Instructions:



Ali Siddique says:

Your dad is awesome!

jay ly says:

I need buy this for my lexus too. Dirts fly up the front doors lol. And rear bumper. Suck lol

Sean Jones says:

There is a chrysler repair shop that could use this guy.

Mango Tree says:

Thanks for posting but i have an question. What about extra :47 came with front left and right guard look like hockey sticks? you didn't install. Thanks

Franco Iadevaia says:

I saw you had the spacer in hand, but not when installed. I can't figure out where the Spacers go. Anyone know?

Aluzion TV says:

Where does the spacer go? Why was it skipped in this video??
Does anyone have the instructions for this install ?

# sweatinthedetails says:

Too bad your dad is not going to enjoy the leather he is saving it for someone else I guess

Andrew Bautista says:

I don't know why but I misread the front spacer instructions and thought they went directly behind the front mudguard even though the instructions clearly say to put them between the fender and liner. May want to add that to the video. Otherwise this helped a ton! looks good! Thanks!

Andrew Bautista says:

Sorry last question. Did you use a 6mm drill bit or smaller?? I can only find my 5/32 bit. The holes you drilled look smaller than 6mm. Probably doesn’t matter but I keep delaying this install haha

Andrew Bautista says:

about to try this install on our rx450h f-sport.. where did you screw the inner screw on the rear? did you take off the tire and drill a hole there?? is there no metal clip?

Derrick Lee says:

哇塞 ,第一次在youtube听到台山/开平话, 你们是台山还是开平的啊?

Pierre N says:

Where do you get these?

Ksc321 says:

would i have to remove the running boards to install the mud guards?

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