How to Install Lexus IS300 Engine Splash Covers | Altezza Undercarriage Splash Guards

How to Install Lexus IS300 Engine Splash Covers | Altezza Undercarriage Splash Guards

Installing new engine splash shields for under the Lexus IS300. My car was missing both the front and rear covers. Got some aftermarket versions for 1/3 of the cost of OEM versions. Overall good quality for $85 set. I had the screws and clips but ended up getting matching set of screws on Amazon (OCD with stuff like this). Helps keep dirt and road grime onto the engine and any oil leaks from dripping to ground.

Front and Rear Panel Set:
Front Panel Only:
Rear Panel Only:
10mm Self Tap Screws:
Bumper Grommet Clips:

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0:00 Intro
0:45 Review and Hardware Needed
3:25 Installation
7:30 Completed

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SteelPulse says:

Very informative. Quick question, i see that you jacked the vehicle up by using a floor jack. Did you jack one side first, then the other, or were you able to locate a jack point in the front of the vehicle?

King Roberson says:

Thanks! I'm doing a 06 GS300 and this have me a good idea on how to approach the project. Especially jacking the vehicle and stand positions

X C says:

Do new fender liners next!!! Your the man for posting this!

Kyle Walker says:

Good stuff my dude! I just got an IS that didn't have any of its front splash guards. I'll be purchasing these soon and getting them installed. Thanks a ton!

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