How To Install 2006-2014 Lexus IS 250, 350, ISF Tail Lights – NEW VLAND STYLE!

How To Install 2006-2014 Lexus IS 250, 350, ISF Tail Lights – NEW VLAND STYLE!

In my opinion, the most OEM looking tail lights that the aftermarket has to offer for the second generation Lexus IS cars.

Here’s a list of products that were used
►VLAND Tail Light

Check out KG (Lam Le) channel ( where he provides a really good summary of how to fit them on. This video covers the same, but provides some additional details to help with the first time installer such as myself.

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Young 6speed says:

Any issues with condensation?

Last Of The Dinosaurs says:

Makes the car look new and smooth.

Jay Rivas says:

thinking about buying Vland tail lights for 08 IS250 but saw comments there some code issues or lights on/off issues.. could you tell if you have or had any problems

Pico Lovac says:

do vland tail lights have fog light like factory ones?

j3iuivj says:

That just looks stupid as fuck. Trying too hard to have the “new look” on an old model.

Tyler Washburn says:

Did you do anything extra to seal up the lights? I've heard of people adding silicon caulking to ensure no moisture issues?

thunder snyper says:

I bought the same lights for my 2012 Lexus and they kept blowing out the fuses and leaving me stranded ….

omada says:

Hi there, i have IS 250 europe version from Ireland, are they gonna fit without any issue? what about AFS does it light up or you need to take fuse out? plug & play or you need change voltage, reprogram main computer etc? thx.

Anthony says:

They came out with triple beam headlights!. I have them on my car.

John Good says:

If I got the correct inside tail light part for my 2015 IS250 F Sport, would the installation be the same as in this video?

aureuslrn says:

Hi there, I’ve just bought a 2005 lexus is250 (I live in the UK if that changes anything), would these parts fit? Most tail lights and mods I find online are for 2006-2012/13. I’m not sure if their body shape changed between 2005-2006 models. Thanks alot!

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