How to Hardwire & Install VIOFO A118C Dashcam on a 2017 Lexus RX350 L

How to Hardwire & Install VIOFO A118C Dashcam on a 2017 Lexus RX350 L

In this video, I document the hardwiring of an A118c dash camera to my dad’s new car. After a bit of research, this camera seems to fit our criteria for an inexpensive, discreet, and dependable unit. I purchased 15 feet of wiring, but for any RX owners out there wondering, you’ll only need 10 feet at the most.

Materials I used:

-12V to 5V Double USB Cable Connector
-Add a circuit “tap a fuse” ATM
-Additional 5 amp fuse
-10 feet mini or micro USB cable (depending on what your camera uses as a connection; length is for the RX350 specifically)



TakeSegi says:

What fuse you tap into?

Edwin He says:

Can you make a video showing how you removed and put back the panels?

Edwin Rivera says:

I am trying to install the VIOFO A129 pro on my 2016 RX350 and need to know whic fuse I need to remove or tap into. Thanks

Steve Nguyen says:

What size of the fuse on this RX350 2017 and which fuse slot has power on all the time? I need to use the fuse with power on all time for night time parking mode. Thanks

Forced Altruism says:

You skipped so many steps, this is basically useless for someone new

Alex Su 1404B says:

What's the fuse type of the Rx ? I am a little confused between all the types and not sure who which tap fuse to buy. Thanks for the great video!

NOTaken says:

If I install a dash cam that works when I'm not in the vehicle will that fuse box still give it power when vehicle is off?

Kevin Bong says:

Hi Ricky, i was just wondering if you can install this camera on my RX and i will pay you.

David Jones says:

Biiiiich you didn't even show how to install it to the fuse box wtf

dnyler0n says:

Can you cut out a small hole in the fuse cover, just enough to accommodate the protruding fuse, so you can cover the fuse box?

smintjoseph says:

That's a mini low profile fuze. Isn't your fuze tap too big?

César Onada says:

+Ricky Long | Damn snow! I wanted to see everything mounted back. Thanks for the video. I'm looking forward to install a Viofo A119 in my Toyota.

Danny Boy says:


I have the A119 on order with a 64GB card.

I see you stuck the mounting base onto the “darken area” of the screen. The darken area has a rubber dot like coating and I am wondering if the mount stays on OK. What is your experience?

I think the darken area is the best spot to hide the dashcam as long as you let the lens stick out at the bottom.

The manual says you have to follow a special procedure to format the 64GB sd card. Is that still necessary with the latest firmware?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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