Cracked Timing Belt! Overheats! Failed Repair Attempts. Lexus Rx330 3.3l

Cracked Timing Belt! Overheats! Failed Repair Attempts. Lexus Rx330 3.3l

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Andy Ellis says:

Brilliant video Ray thanks for showing the full process without fast forwarding like most people do so you don't get the full story of how hard the job really is which the customer doesn't see till they get the bill

Andy Ellis says:

I've learnt in over 30 years of own car maintenance and very lucky to have a mechanic mate to help me if I got stuck up on something there is no short cut to car maintenance

Jason White says:

So what's he giving you the week for? are you out of a job?

Arthur Rodesiler says:

The worse thing I hate working on is front wheel drive with the motor sideways. The front wheel in the way, inner fender, motor mount and plan no working room.

Arthur Rodesiler says:

Or the water part was made by Dorman.

Lysander Lysandrou says:

These design engineers should be forced by law to perform these repairs. Maybe these ridiculous designs would become more mechanic friendly.

Scott Bishop says:

Been giving your economy/fuel situation a thought, if you were to get a steam powered wallpaper stripper you could decoke your engine by warming the engine up and have it revving between 2000-2500 rpm you could connect the steamer into the intake system before the MAF sensor and use it to steam clean the pistons/valves and combustion chamber.

Kinda like when you have a cylinder head gasket leak between the cylinder and the coolant, you can tell the one that's leaking due to clean cylinder.

Just a thought … might help clean the dpf and/or cats …

Jak Luca says:

Ohhh an hour long video! Ray you shouldn't have

A Dot In The Shark says:

I just repaired one exactly like this except a 2004….seized alternator which also tore off the belt.

Always be Smart says:

It’s crazy that changing a water is harder then changing a timing belt

RadioReprised says:

Modern cars SUCK!…give Me back my 67 Chevy Pick Up with a 327 small block, and a Hammer to fix it with!

Procrastinating Nerd says:

It was actually quite a bit easier to replace the timing chain on my Taurus then the timing belt on the engine in this video. I for one am glad timing belts are mostly history.
And the water pump on my Tortoise is even easier yet to replace…

Tim Anderson says:

I did the same job on my 2004 Lexus es330.
I’m nervous because I can’t remember if I used Loctite on the idlers. I think I did on the crank. Well if it all blows apart, I’ll know why.
PS: Very nice job on this video!

Luc Luc says:

It reassures me to hear that the doodiloo lines up with the groove.

Leti's Cafe & School House says:

Sounds like from just the overview at 5 min in. there is an underlying condition with the cooling system building up too much pressure and blowing out the weak spots in the system. Possibly a bad head gasket. Or an obstruction in the system not letting the water circulate properly.. but really sounds like the repairs up until now have been secondary to the actual issue.

Ranger Man says:

Ray, are you close to NASA Maintenance facilities because I am sure that they would like to contract with you for some How-To Videos on reentry vehicles? You The Bomb.


Remember George Jetson?

George's Boss is Cosmo Spacely of Spacely Sprockets & the competitor is Coswell Cogs.

Chains go with sprockets. Cogs go with cogged belts. (timing belts)

Pulleys go with V and Serpentine belts.

Dave Morton says:

Whenever I take a belt off to replace… never worry too much about timing marks, as I mark cam cogs and crank cog and belt , then transfer the marks from old belt to new, and just realign to relevant cogs…. I do check first to confirm the timing is right, but easier marking the belt than worrying about timing marks being in the right place.

.,|by010|,. says:

14:00 I dont like idea of notch made of plastic tbh…

Caleb Woods says:

at 38:27 look at the engine its a toyota engine.

Aaron Burson says:

If you have to remove timing parts that tells me this engine belongs in the scrap yard!

DoubleAction2 says:

This engine has more belts on it than a rodeo audience.

Patrick Morrissey says:

Don't feel bad Ray, when you have to pull it apart, and re-route the thing that was strapped up….

I work in a different industry, so this might not 100% apply, but…

You pull apart an assembly. Send back the defective unit. then your people tell you "Ohhh, that's not quite what we thought it was… It might take me a couple days to find one."

6 weeks later, a new one arrives. NOW, it's been so long since you did it, you forgot everything. so you try to put it together… Fail. You're going off the pictures you took with your phone, before you disassembled, and the ones you took at various points of disassembly… Still nothing.

Now you go home and print off all the pictures, bring them in tomorrow…. 8 tries later, you get the thing back together, the way it was…..

Sometimes, that's just the way it is….

Russell George says:

Enjoyable as ever, thank you. I assume you were joking about the belts being on the wrong way, or just referring to your OCD. But I don't know. Is there really a direction of travel on the belts?

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