Coverlay® 2006-2013 Lexus dash cover install. Part # 11- 608LL.

Coverlay® 2006-2013 Lexus dash cover install.  Part # 11- 608LL.

Coverlay® Part # 11-608LL dash cover installation for a 2006-2013 Lexus IS 250 & 350. Coverlay dash covers, door panels, and instrument panel covers are the fast, easy, permanent solutions to your vehicles cracked, faded, or warped dashboards and door panels! Order now at! Or call toll free at 800-633-7090



Adam Clipz says:

Wish these were cheap

Echo Alvarado says:

Does this come with the glue? If not, is there a type of glue I should use?

Jeff says:

Looks great! What do you charge for installation?

Noor Rahman says:

Where can I get one???

Noor Rahman says:

Where can I get one??? I live in Dubai

G says:

This does not go on flush around the radio area. Their is VERY noticeable gapping!

Gav Dayap says:

Can you guys do right handed driver side? And ship it to New Zealand?

conroexlexx says:

Would this melt over time?

Elle Brown says:

I can't wait to order this … looks like a great alternative!!

cqudas says:

I scrolled down and got my answer. Thanks

cqudas says:

Do you make right hand drive coverlay's. Thanks

Dianne Dennis says:

Can this be easily installed by one person?

Luis Rosales says:

Is the the cover texture similar to the original dashboard or is it’s plastic?

fayyaz hussain says:

Any idea about price in uae plz. Can i get it here plz

Midnight Beast says:

not bad but fits terribly around the center stack. maybe if he used more adhesive and painters tape there it would look more natural..

Mad Though says:

Do you have these in right hand drive ans would you consider shipping to New Zealand?

Dave Bohnert says:

Probably the best alternative and looks good i might just have to do that bc it look like a regural dash on my opinion great!

Charles Nicholson says:

do you have milltary discount?

YAT H SO says:

Do you have Right hand drive?

Trevor Smith says:

9 yrs ago….$100-$200. I want that price. Looks like $400 out the door today. Not sure what to think about that. Cool product, though. However, it just wouldn't match my crappy door panels. Sounds like Lexus/Toyota did a crappy job of notifying customers and/or following through on installation. I guess the 2017 deadline got em off the hook. Nice pisspoor effort.

Bad Sport Driving says:

Would this cover work if the old dash was removed and stripped of the top layer to try and make it as flush as possible?

Salty Wizard says:

you guys make these for 06 – 13 lexus door panels?? They have the same melting problem as the dashboard, I'm sure there is a huge market for them.

sanseiryu says:

I noticed on a video where a overlay was installed on a Lexus dash. There were some edges where the overlay was not flush and remained loose. These were the points where the small extended pieces were along the glove box, keyhole and the instrument cluster. I notice that it doesn't seem as if you place the adhesive along the edges of the overlay but instead, away from the edges. I think that contributes to the loose fit in those places. He presses on those edges and you can see it isn't tight leaving a gap which moves. Should adhesive be placed closer to the edge on these pieces to eliminate the loose fit there?


Where can I purchase this

Jose Lopez says:

I tried buying it today but unfortunately doesn’t ship to my location, any other alternatives?

Tinashe Mutandawari says:

Hie do these come for right hand is250's as well?

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