Avoid THIS Lexus Model | Pre Purchase Inspection REQUIRED for this one and Here's Why.

Avoid THIS Lexus Model | Pre Purchase Inspection REQUIRED for this one and Here's Why.

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician Speaks about a Lexus Model You Should Avoid Buying Without a Proper Pre-Purchase Inspection

Folks Avoid This Lexus Model. The Lexus LS460 without knowing what you’re going into and doing your homework.

People often regard Lexus as one of the most reliable luxury brands out there and most of the time that is the case. However the LS is in a class of it’s own. Very sophisticated and aimed to rival the german offerings.

And because of that things are usually very complicated with the Lexus LS460. Buy one that is in good condition and continue to take care of it and you will have a very reliable and pleasant experience.

However if you buy one that’s been neglected or simply never had it’s issued fixed and they piled up and you are in for a typical neglected german car experience of mechanically totaling itself.

The Lexus LS460 is a drop from the reliability of the LS400 and LS430 but it can still be relatively reliable with good maintenance and care.

Things will always be expensive with the Lexus LS even the LS400 and LS430. The car we’re looking at in this video is a 2008 Lexus LS460 which had it’s front suspension and the air suspension fall apart costing thousands of dollars to repair. Be careful when buying one.

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0:00 Intro
0:46 Suspension Issues
3:47 Under Car Inspection
5:02 Damaged Parts
12:15 How About The Rest Of The Car?
18:55 And Things Really Can Go South….



Chris Bradbury says:

Nothing is hi-tech when it's bad design.

Adam Imrie says:

Bit of a broad statement that about 'German cars all leak at the main rear seal' surely.
I have had 4 x 190s, 2 x W201s, 1 x W210, 1 x R-Class and currently run a W211 and not one of them have been troubled by oil leaks.
I sure as hell wont be buying a Lexus any time soon when I see the mess that suspension & brakes are in.
It ties in with the Lexus my niece owned which, including a cracked cylinder head, was a heap of shit, money pit!!

David Vollandt says:

Japanese and german car makers seems like they avoid any service procedure that requires a press . I guess it's to keep the requirements for a service shop down? It seems silly to me. On the LS460 knuckle ball joint, control arm bushings and even the wheel bearing hub are individually serviceable with a proper shop press. A suspension specialist shop in my area does a good business replacing "non serviceable" parts like this on high end luxury cars. The whole point of going to a non dealer service provider I thought was to get around the service constraints imposed by the manufactures.

karl kirk says:

A Parts Changer Is Not A Mechanic

nature10879 says:

Where are the Toyota fanboys?

Brian McSwigan says:

Great informative video. That owner is brave spending all that money on suspension with an oil burning engine. I have a Toyota Mark X (in New Zealand, not sold in the US). Lovely car, Lexus IS 250/300/350 RWD running gear. It doesn't have air suspension but the shocks did fail, both front and rear, at ridiculously low mileage, seems to be a major weakness. But like this car, it's over 15 years old and is bone dry underneath, not a drop of oil anywhere.

Instant Karma says:

I have a 2012 LS460L and I baby it. I only drive it 5000 miles/year. I service it myself. Changed my own spark plugs and saved $. The stealership wanted $400! I also change my own oil. I put synthetic Mobil 1 in it always. Thanks to your video I now know to check that lower arm on my driver's side front suspension. The driver's side front tire was worn out on the inside prematurely, and of course, the tire shop was happy to sell me a new set of tires. I need to get that addressed immediately. I think I'll have my independent Toyota/Lexus mechanic inspect both sides too. Thank you for this video. I think it will save me lots of cash in the long run.

Vi Topher says:

ouch your lift is pinching the front right rocker!

Kenny Nguyen says:

I owned 2016 LS460 swb without air suspension and I got rid of it after it has almost 100k miles. It's a different class and please don't compare it with the low end ES350 if you can't afforf it.

E.T says:

Please can you guys tell me how often should i change my 2011 prius transmission oil?

Colin Charan-Kumpula says:

Is the IS-F reliable (older ones?)?

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