3rd Gen LEXUS GS Parking Light Bulb Replacement

3rd Gen LEXUS GS Parking Light Bulb Replacement

This video documents steps I’ve taken to replaced the parking light bulbs 2006 GS300. I was working to fix the flickering headlight problem when I discovered this problem. On the next video, I will replace the headlight ballast.

Similar instruction should apply to all 3rd generation Lexus GS300, which includes GS300, GS350, GS430, GS450H, and GS460.



EBK_FiXXDY says:

I have a Gs430 I still don’t understand how that’s a “parking light” lol

shkooling says:

Should the "city light" be off in Auto? I don't think the city light was ever on when I'm on auto, usually just the low beams, tail lights, and license plate light, but ever since my car came from the shop (they replaced the entire bumper, the passenger side headlight, and passenger front fender) and now the city lights stay on through all the clicks of the headlight switch.

Evan Smith says:

What about the side marker lights I can get the bulbs out no working space

Just Fair says:

Di Caprio used to have one Lexus GS. Nice car John and do not cut your fingers lol (1:40)

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