2007 lexus es350 easy alternator replacement install

2007 lexus es350 easy alternator replacement install

Fastest way to remove and install new alternator

2007+ lexus es350




@WoodLard says:

This video is about to help me too, thanks g

@zavierfortenberry3060 says:

Did u pop the o2 out? Lmk asap please

@rightorwrong8951 says:

yes but that caused a cracked radiator. you must remove the metal guard from the exhaust manifold and the dip stick for you to have more room.

@user-vr4uk6fv2f says:

What all tools do you need?

@Dee-nm9mx says:

I have a lexus but don't know where to find an alternator connector plug they call it a pigtail does anyone k own where I can find one ?

@KhanhNguyen-nn1bi says:

Damn bro wish I saw your vid b4 I did the job, I actually managed to tetris the alternator in with just the cooling fans removed, but damn this is way easier

@yosif8235 says:

Bro your a legend. That was incredible. It saved me so much time and I was so nervous about this. I could learn so much from you. Please post more vids

@mickyanic5100 says:

Holding the hood with a stick and still pulls the alternator out

@TopJoo7 says:

Even this man's video is less than one minute long.. a man of efficiency.

@riasat001 says:

Thank you but plz make a video step by step

@famousnigerian7014 says:

Dope Channel

@stephenbay9564 says:

PS – I looked at mine (I have a 2007 ES350) and it looks like the hose is in the way. It's no big deal if you need to remove it – I just want to be sure. Thanks for the great idea!

@stephenbay9564 says:

I need to do this. I like your thinking. But let me ask – there is fat coolant hose just to the left of the alternator. In your pictures it looks like it not there. Did you remove that too?

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