2003- 05 Lexus ES 330/ Toyota Camery HEADLIGHT Repair

2003- 05 Lexus ES 330/  Toyota Camery HEADLIGHT Repair

I change out the headlights on my wife’s Lexus 05 es330 I show you where the hardware is so that you can change out the headlights on your 05 Lexus or Toyota Camery. Its really not that hard save yourself so money and DIY, Checkout the video!!!



Joe Craft says:

Great stuff. This will save me lots of time and energy. Thanks

RYAN the LYRAN says:

I like it bro. Looks real nice. I’m fixing up my 04. I like the rims. I just did all new suspension to mine. I’d like to see more videos on the car please thank you.

Hugo Perez says:

Video for the spark plugs

Aaron Abner says:

My young son has a Lexus the low beam headlight bulb is blow out on the passenger side. No room to work to get it out and replace it. I'm looking at your video thinking it maybe easiest to take out the whole headlight assembly then replace the bulb and put it back. What do you think?

Aaron Abner says:

ChrisFix has a permanent video on how to get rid of the headlight haze permanently.

Aaron Abner says:

Did you have to disconnect the battery cable and let it sit for 30 minutes to discharge the system?

veedub447 says:

Thanks For making this video. I changed out the headlights on my 05 Lexus this past weekend. I used your video as a reference , it was the only one i could find, I had all the bolts out and it wasn't moving, I remembered what you said, wiggle wiggle, came out, no problem. Thanks again.

Craig Farrell says:

Well. It was alright. I need to do the same
Going to get the housing and give it a shot. The one bolt seperating the fender..hope it goes ahhight!! Thanks

Guy in SJ says:

Wow, you was doing one thing and video was filming something else …. Great video for sleeping .!!!!

Anthony Cochran says:

Wtf…I can't see last bolt..smh

Ron Schultz says:

The light they set me didn’t have ballast or place to replace I was changing them because they were scratched up

Ron Schultz says:

Why does my driver side have a ballast I didn’t try to take passenger side off

bosco huang says:

Bro,what kind of wheel and spac ?thanks

gia ellington says:

You've given me the confidence to do my wife's headlight assembly. She has the same make & model as your wife. Can't wait to get started…!

buda hookah says:

Are you saying saying, I can replace light for my Lexus with a Toyota Camry light assembly?

Matienzo MCC says:

Thank you!!

pilotwhale says:

Like it. Bro .

Steven Haynes says:

Yeah we do get your headlight from

Jonny the man 23 says:

Great install! Very informative

Johnny B says:

Faaacckk that….all that just to take the headlight out? Nm

Tyler Z says:

Great video, both of the parking lights are out on my sons ES and my fat sausage fingers simply can't grasp AND twist the bulb holders…

DIY.71 ! says:

Spyder® – Lexus ES with Factory Halogen Headlights 2005 Chrome Factory Style Projector Headlights

c32ax1 says:

I would love to know where you got the headlight housing replacements

sharklife says:

Where did you buy the headlight (DIY)

FrankHaiglerNJ says:

Thanks for posting and putting in the comments as you worked. Very helpful and i will doing the same job to change out the ballist in a couple of days.

Andrew Lopez says:

Did you have to remove clips from the wheel well area?

Mikey Riley says:

How much did you pay for the new light housings? Very nice


Yo DIY that VIDEO is on point homie I have a 04 es330 its my work car I went to serveral places asking how much they charge to replace both of my headlights all was saying 250 and up so i told all the places I went to to kiss my ASS I told them i will youtube it before i spend that kind of money and I found your video on how to replace headlights and I REPLACE BOTH OF MINES FOR FREE THANKS HOMIE

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