The CAR WIZARD shares the top LAND ROVERS TO Buy & NOT to Buy!

The CAR WIZARD shares the top LAND ROVERS TO Buy & NOT to Buy!

Taking from his years of experience working on cars the CAR WIZARD 🧙‍♂️ shares the top Land Rovers / Range Rovers TO buy and NOT to buy!

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philip hartley says:

Mr . wizard you spoke about freelander by describing the freelander 2 from 98 – 2006 (. Actually over these years this was the freelander 1 . freelander 1 had a 1.8 or 2.5v6 petrol . you are correct these engines were a night mare . however from 2006 – 2014 the newer freelander 2 was probably the most relaible LR ever built with prices in the UK at an all time high for the top spec versions ( diesels in the uk 2.2 , ford , peugout ,LR sourced power plant )

Jakub Ablewicz says:

LR2 of Freelander 2 it is good reliable car and very similar tech spec to evoque

Manny Flores says:

Thank you cuz I just saw a 2005 Range Rover for 3000 and I was planing to get it

jack Dale says:


dannie1236 says:

I’m sorry but you say the freelancer is unreliable but it came with the same engine as the evoque for 5 years

Travis Haak says:

Got an 06 Range Rover with 288K on it, jaguar motor non supercharged. Quietest engine I've ever heard, just keep doing the timing chains ever 150K it should go forever

mozart deux says:

DR was made by Honda, NO WONDER!

Pretty Natural says:

Thank God for this man

B says:

So I’m assuming the 06 LR Discovery is considered a decent unit? I think those have the Ford/Jag v8?

neil brown says:

what about 80`s Disco?

Real Krispyy says:

Would you recommend a 2006 lr3 Land Rover. Thinking of buying one with 90k miles.

Jp says:

I don’t regret buying mine it’s a 4.4 v8 bmw petrol engine 2003 only problem I had was air suspension been very strong and reliable

M Phillips says:

Man I wish there were more ppl like you out there. I've had a 1995 Land Rover Discovery since 2004. Bought with 116k miles on it. Burns some oil, eats some gas and alternators, but otherwise been great. After a brake job the master cylinder went out on it and service inspection said just about the whole brake system was bad. $1800 bill sidelined it for me ( storage jail ). Got just enough to fix it, then decided maybe good to invest in a gas saver. Fuel costs alone saved should fix the Rover in 5-6 months…..wrong. $1800 140k mile Ford Focus has cost me $18k all in ( just maintenance and purchase price @ approx $4-800 every 4-10 months including one $6800 engine+ bill ). Needless to say everyone tells me to sell the Rover. THANK YOU for saying it's one of the good ones. V8, Mech Center Diff, AWD, Solid Axles, just the right weight. It's my baby tank. No plans on selling. Mom's from England and I'm proud to have my Land Rover. 1995 white still shines. Hoping to have it back on the road before 2023. Happy Rovering.

aliceinchainz says:

i swear to god this guy scares me!!!!
if he says dont buy it trust me im not buying it
and u do wise to listen to the wizard

D Lawson says:

Are they all junk looking at a 2016 l4 2.0 for a great price?

Colin Smith says:

99^of all landrover s are still on the road 1% made it home lol

Robert Marshall says:

It's interesting I know three people who have had Range Rovers and put a lot of miles and they have been happy. But you read about them and they all seem so unreliable. It is amazing how people are buying BMWs and they have such a horrible reputation compared to everything else out there from the aspect of reliability I love German cars and I have Portia and Mercedes and would never consider a BMW

Gabe Garcia says:

So I a have on in my lot rn the oil is mixed with gas but it keeps over flooding won't start

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