Replacing the Land Rover alpine window seals – 1/2 hour of real time frustration!

Replacing the Land Rover alpine window seals  – 1/2 hour of real time frustration!
Your support is appreciated!

If you have a Defender/Tdi problem and do not know how to fix it, drop me a line! Maybe I can help!



Pits750 says:

Just done this after watching video.
Right tools are key, and two people makes this less painful, getting the glass into the seal is the biggest faff, I'll add two tips to this though.

1. With the filler insert, have your second person holding the fillet in the direction you are going, this stops it twisting and trying to escape.

2. With the filler insert, go slow and with your helper holding the seal straight, put pressure just in front of your tool as it goes in (wheeey) and it should pop the fillet in nicely, it'll just be the radiuses that you may need to do once or twice to stretch it.

It's not that painful with two people, would I ever do this job again? Nope, never, ever, ever, it is a swine, you'll understand that when you have done them.

James Caron says:

I was planning on cutting in some alpine windows on my ninety myself but you are scaring the hell out of me. Oh and There is a plastic tool you can get to re-seat glass and set filler parts that is much safer than a screwdriver. I've seen guys who work on windscreens use it.

James Caron says:

I put a block and tackle in my carport so I could take off the roof rack by myself at anytime. Lower the block, tie it off on the four corners loosen lift and tie off. Move the vehicle, lower and set aside.

Ge Gwen says:

These are easy to fit Mike……………..don't!
Just keep a few flyers of your local window fitters to hand & give one of these to the punter next time one shows up for a job like this.
Oh silicon spray is readily available and use that but what a pig of a job & that was the best part of 4 hours doing that ?

Momo Mimi says:

also you could have used vaseline instead of w40 mike. thanks for sharing these videos . they are great for knowledge and diy.

Borger Pilots says:

Would you be willing to sell me a paper template of the defender 90 cutouts?

Thomas McCauley says:

Well done Mike for tackling it with the roof rack in place. The first time I did this job I had to cut the holes in the roof as it was a plain roof. With the glass held against the ouside of the roof, just marked around the glass with a felt tipped pen; then marked another line about 1/4" away from the first line. Drilled all along the first line with a small drill then went round again a few more times with a slightly bigger drill each time until I was able to get a key hole saw blade in and join up the holes, push out the piece of aluminium and clean it around the aperture with a half round file. Then I fitted the rubber seal and put washing up liquid in the groove that holds the glass, a bit messy but managed to get the glass in using an old dinner knife with a rounded tip and a blunt edge; without too much trouble. The filler strip was not so easy as I had not got the proper tool. I used the rounded top of a tea spoon handle which I dragged along the groove ahead of the filler strip feeding the strip in a little at a time. Again using washing up liquid. The roof was off the vehicle at the time and on trestles in my garage so easy to work on standing above it. This was for a Series III Land Rover and I also fitted roof vents and a tropical roof panel and full width external windscreen visor. It looked a treat when finished and I wish I still had that Land Rover now. Tom in the wind.

ck166666 says:

If I was the customer I would have taken it off in advance – I trust you charged them for your time

Simon Kinsella says:

I haven't done this job, but for anything involving recalcitrant rubber, I am a convert to silicone rubber lube spray. Nice and slippy, and unlike normal oils it helps condition the rubber and prevent it perishing so quickly.

T 1587 says:

Hi not sure if you can help me I'm after come advice. I've just cut alpine window holes into my roof and have tried to fit the windows. I used a template and cut it correct but the seal is to tight to put the filler strip in. I have dynamat on the inside do you think this could be effecting the tightness of the seal?

Piper Mitchell says:

This is a job on my to-do list but having seen you do it I'm still intimidated. Think I'll get the professionals to do it.

Nick S says:

So glad I don't have any alpine windows!

Eric Davis Oz says:

Thanks for another great video Mike. I’ve learnt an important lesson – get the glassfitters in. 🙂
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mike Foley says:

Can you do a video for the rubber in the side windows (sliding ones in rear) mine rattle and would like to change them. Thanks and great video as always.

Graham & Catherine Taylor - Smith says:

Cheers Mike, your videos have been very useful many thanks. I did this job a few months back and it took me a whole day of faffing about. I didn.t really have any option but to do it myself and its a learning experience not to be repeated. My wife told me that she was worried the neighbours would call the police with the expletives coming out being confused for domestic abuse.

Darland says:

Hi mike certain jobs I'll do but others I'm more than happy to pay a specialist. Recently had my 90 repainted and had a window fitter replace the windscreen, both alpines, both small rear view windows plus the tailgate glass and he finished the lot within an hour. Well done for persevering though.

Big M says:

For me, beer o' clock would have ticked over fairly early in the process.

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