Range Rover Evoque ( fits other models too ) Umbrella Holder Install & Demo

Range Rover Evoque ( fits other models too ) Umbrella Holder Install & Demo

In this video we show how to fit the Range Rover Evoque Umbrella holder accessory. This is Land Rover Part Number VPLVS0186.
These are for sale on our website :- https://www.powerfuluk.com/vehicles/range-rover-evoque-sport/evoque/interior-accessories/range-rover-evoque-2011-18-genuine-umbrella-holder.html



Sandy young says:

Just bought one easy as pie with the video 5 min job…Thanks for all the tutorials

keith Plum says:

I've purchased one of these holders for a 2012 range rover sport, do I remove the plastic trim on the front of the seat, and if so how? Cheers

Survjit Gill says:

Where can I find the umbrella that fits in this?

ET says:

New defender.. possible??

Christian hoefer says:

Will it fit on a 2011 L322?

vilichh says:

I fitted that one on my l320 you don't need metal bracket just dril the holes in the black plastic in front of the seats and use that plastic clips provided in the kit for mounting umbrella holder. I use metal bracket template only for drilling holes in plastic.

Patrick James Stephens says:

Really helpful. Great advice and I was able to fit this without removing the seat. Lifting the leather cover off is very tricky, as you describe, but clips back in far more easily. Great help. Thanks.

José Antonio says:

Is necessary remove the seat to install it? Thank you! Great video!

Infinity says:

Is there one for L320? Thanks

johnny crossan says:

Where have all the rest of your Evoque videos gone??

msnspy says:

What about the defenders? Does it fit in it ?

Russ Horvath says:

Does this fit on a non electric seat (as found on my Pure). Won't it prevent the seat bar form being lifted up etc to slide the seat backwards / forwards ?


Sound system upgrade for a Defender 110???

andrew middlemiss says:

Any Defender videos coming up?
Could you show where to put a trolly jack to lift the vehicle instead of the supplied jack which isn't that good.

Mustafa Demirkilic says:

does it fit with discovery sport 2016 ?

Jordan Miller says:

Off topic, but I seen a comment on another video earlier that said a BMW some thieves were driving was nicer than a guys l494 they robbed. That was really laughable.

John Willett says:

More questions … Why do they say "do not fit to driver's seat"? I would have thought that you would need a piar – one for the driver and one for the passenger – and they do not seem to get in the way of anything ???

Kevin Wyatt says:

Skoda include an umbrella and holder.

Daniel John says:

Tyler sounded somewhat surprised that it's 'not bad!'

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