Quick Fix: Eliminate Air Pocket & Prevent Overheating in a Land Rover Range Rover | No Tools Needed!

Quick Fix: Eliminate Air Pocket & Prevent Overheating in a Land Rover Range Rover | No Tools Needed!

Quick Fix: Eliminate Air Pocket & Prevent Overheating in Your Land Rover Range Rover | No Tools Needed!”

Is your Land Rover Range Rover experiencing overheating issues? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this video, we’ll show you a simple yet effective method to eliminate air pockets from your cooling system, ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating. The best part? You won’t need any tools for this quick fix! Join us as we guide you step-by-step through the process, taking just 9 minutes to get your Range Rover running smoothly again. Say goodbye to overheating and hello to worry-free driving!

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@acrepairnearme says:

Water and antifreeze has a different boiling points. If you put more water, it overheats faster and buildup more pressure. Also, if your cup not holding properly pressure that will lower boiling point in the water in the antifreeze will boil and convert to a steam.

@NNutu says:

You need Havoline xlc

@coreylittleton7260 says:

Ok….I just bought a 07 Range Rover HSE this Week. I have a Overheating problem. Changed my thermostat at my shop yesterday. Still Was Overheating but the temp was going up and down. My screw for the tank reservoir was missing when I bought the truck. Ordered a new one….Once I put it in I hope it works

@brianwilliams1928 says:

Bullshit it will still over heat get rid of it asap I done that and it still will run hot

@Henrymichaelball says:

Water? Should be distilled but no coolant?

@rjcorbin1269 says:

Can someone PLEASE TELL ME where the second bleeder screw is on a 2005 lr3 4.4? I see the one on the reservoir but can’t locate the second one mentioned in a video. Thanx

@garydeandeery says:

Fill it up park on a hill run the engine with the heater on full top up if level drops try keep the bottle as the highest point run for 10 mins then fit cap wait few minutes then turn the screws from front to back

@randaalam4899 says:


@KevnVincent says:

For the love of god don’t use water! Think pink

@fredburnsiv1230 says:

I just bought my first landrover i bought it from a lady who had problems over heating so she couldn't fix it and jer son put a new cap on it so anyway i bought it and On my 02 land Rover freelander se 2.5.i found that her son put the wrong radiator cap on it it was blowing water every where out of the resavor the cap said 200on it and it was tje wrong threads on the cap the cap has heavy duty threads and the resavor has then small threds on it and my temperature gage never got over senter and it was blowing water every where from under the cap no where elts so im hopping that's the prob

@KikiRissa says:

Was the water leaking onto the floor?
I am always filling it up with water
I get it about the air bubble

@ronroop405 says:

This is an exceptional, well thought out solution. Good job! I'm going to apply this on my rrs sc tomorrow I'm convinced this is it.

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