New Land Rover Defender L663 2020 Deployable Side Roof Ladder Fitting Instructions

New Land Rover Defender L663 2020 Deployable Side Roof Ladder Fitting Instructions

In this video we unbox and fit the Deployable Side Roof Ladder to our project Land Rover Defender 2020. The part number for this our VPLER0172 / VPLER0189.
Genuine fitting Instructions can be found at :-



FatShadow says:

i once unscrewed the bottom of my torch to change the batteries…….

iComplainer says:

I epoxy a thin flat earth magnet on the left support opposite the lock to keep the rattles away.

Stuart Whelan says:

Why does he keep saying 90mm holes. It's 19mm holes.

damo 137 says:

I love watching the vids Simon, I don't even own a land rover lol

Neal Shields says:

Great video I watched it twice before installing my wife’s. I drilled very small pilot holes and put a piece of masking tape over the bolt holes. I then installed the trim and pushed the drill bit through. The resulting hole was at the very bottom of the bolt holes. I moved up as much was I could without getting into the edge of the molding. Even doing that when I finished the install the spacer was at the very top of the hole with about a 3/16 gap below. Long and short of it is that the factory holes are too high. People should be warned.

Michael H says:

Wonder if this would fit on a discovery 3 or 4? Looks like it could with similar top rail assembly…

Dennis Chu says:

Simon, do you know if the part “B” (the black piece slides into the rail” can be bought separately anywhere? The one came along with the China copied ladder is not well coated which can be rusty easily and I’m looking for a nice replacement.

Phil Chivers says:

Hi Simon & Team, any plans to stock a rear mounted ladder? Lucky 8's Proud Rhino, looks great, but expensive with import duties etc.

aymen jridi says:

The hole is 19mm?

Howard Akumiah says:

Can you please share a link to the specific mudflaps on this particular vehicle?

Yite Zeng says:

Do you know what's the part number of the side strap? Really don't want to drill on it until I know i can restore them

Michael Knight says:

One question: Do you have a part number for the bropen plastic part? The numbers printet on it are the one for the whole Ladder and my LR dealer did not find the part in his catalouge. Kind regards Michael

Philip Jeffs says:

I just installed the ladder on my 110. Your video made it much easier! I was wondering if you've had any issues with water collecting behind the trim piece? The 19mm holes leave enough space around the cylinder spacer for water to get in. Hoping it'll just drain out through the bottom of the trim piece.

Keith Mann says:

Did you come up with a long term solution to fix your finishing plate?

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