My Land Rover TD5 Defender failed it’s MOT… Watch this video to see the repair I carried out to the steering components and for …



paul3071 says:

Please say you went and got the tracking done lol amother great video tho

Tim Rogers says:

Oh, that bloody rubber! Mine failed last year's MOT because it had split, the garage replaced it, it was split again 3 weeks later, the garage replaced it a second time, and I have just had an advisory on this year's MOT a couple of weeks back telling me it has gone again!

graham west says:

Excellent upgrade, surprised the drop arm came off so easily as had to cut mine off on my newer defender.

Jerry Greene says:

Excellent work, Doc! That looks like a job well done! You made it look easy, and I know that it’s not!

Soren Nelson says:

love the nod to TirsbaekTV.

Englishman French says:

I can see that the track rod ends can wear, but what can go wrong with the drop arm? It is just a solid piece of forged steel. Good luck with you re test! Replacing the steering damper is a good idea, a worn one can lead to a severe wobble when driving along a straight road. Chris B.

lego stop motion says:

im 17yr old and ive brought myself a td5 defender just like urs. when i get up to about 50mph it feels like if i knock the steering wheel slightly its gonna fly off the road. ive had it tested twice and theyve said its all ok. i love it tho, think its the best car in the world.

427les says:

Will you need to have the tracking re aligned?

Tony Packe says:

Gwyn Lewis is a great outfit. Check out their mud shields and flaps if you want to increase your under body protection. Great video as usual Marcus.

andyct001 says:

Good job Marcus. I’d get the tracking checked now you’ve replaced the track rod ends and bar. Even if you took measurements from your old track rod end the bar was bent so maybe out.

The older I get, the faster I was! says:

Good job. Interested to see if you think it drives better after replacing these parts.

kizzy p says:

Useful tip …if you notice your rubber has split on a track rod end or the steering drop arm and the joint itself is still in good condition you can just replace the rubber boot ….. at the same time upgrade the rubber ones for polyurethane ones which are less likely to disintegrate over time .

kizzy p says:

Steering wobble at 50mph ish usually your wheels out of balance.

Phil Sorah says:

Informative and possibly a job for my Defender in the future. Some costings would be useful. Not sure if it is a factor in the nut not tightening but I would have given the splines a clean up with a wire brush – there appears to be a fair amount of accumulated crud at the top of the bolt.

Project GINGeR- Our Family Defender says:

Gwyn Lewis kit the best! so happy with my mod on Ginger

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