Land Rover Demountable Winch Install-BEST EVER !

Land Rover Demountable Winch Install-BEST EVER !


Carlos Rendo says:

That is the best winch upgrade I've seen on an old Rover. Cheers! Well deserved beer.

Coordinator61 says:

In a previous video you showed how good the landy was sprayed with water.

Trevor C says:

I've seen some dangerous things on youtube but sticking your head in a highlift jack gets the gold medal.

Blackbird says:

Why don't you post landy vids anymore, they are awesome

Sunset says:

You're awesome dude. I bought a series 3 109 ex military beast today. Delivered in 3 days time I can't wait to test her out.

Mark R says:

I love your Vids mate , informative and fun to boot. psi like the old raleigh bike on the shed wall !

vaughan warburton says:

A tidy job mate

pjb says:

Nice job. Simple and effective. What brand of bull bar is that or did you fab that too?

James says:

Great job! I just welded a bullbar to my winch bumper to take lights but this is next level. I will steal your way of making radiused corners – genius. Keep it up! e

Heather Sanborn says:

Sweet low buck fab job , super tuff ,can't wait to see it in action

AKA Nathan says:

Next Land Rover I get will have a C channel front bumper. A good choice for a winch mount and jacking points.
I like that you can have an original looking bar, but have it many times stronger than the factory one. Best bar I've ever had on a car/4×4 was one I made for a Landcruiser many years ago. 150mm *mm thick C Channel, that thing was like the front of a tank. Sure better than many expensive Pretty bars that most buy.

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