Land Rover Defender 2020 Rear Mudflap Fitting Instructions VPLEP0388, VPLEP0390 (SEE COMMENTS)

Land Rover Defender 2020 Rear Mudflap Fitting Instructions VPLEP0388, VPLEP0390 (SEE COMMENTS)

n this video we look at the “standard” and “Classic” rear mudflaps available for the Land Rover Defender 2020. These are the same for the 90 and 110 model. We show fitting the mudflaps step by step on our new Land Rover Defender 2020. These are Land Rover part numbers VPLEP0388 (Classic ), VPLEP0390 ( Standard)

Take car when drilling the rear bumper as on Diesel models there may be an add blue tank behind the bumper.

Here is the link to the genuine instructions please use these as a reference



Bill Smith says:

Simon, I nearly dropped a clanger on my 90 diesel. The plastic Adblue tank lives just above the inner righthand bolt hole, it is very easy to peck a hole in it if the drill bites.

1486SR says:

I nearly cried when I saw you have to put holes in your bumper. I got my defender x today and the dealer installed it before consulting with me.

Nicholas Cohen says:

Really, one of the best set of instructional videos I've seen. Thanks from Australia!

Carl Wood says:

Hi, enjoy your videos. Very helpful for planning a job! When you highlighted the LR Logo, what type of paint did you use and has it lasted?

Adam Mcelhatton says:

Be careful with the side where the fuel cap is, the last hole I drilled to fit the mudguard today on my brand new defender I went through the ad blue tank!! Whoops. Back in landrover now with only 43miles on the clock for a new tank
Dreading the bill !!!!

Sergey Tamkovich says:

Simon, are you going to add side steps to your Defender?

Feras Bahamdain says:

Would they fit on discovery 5

Shannon Davis says:

Hello. Will you be adding a tow kit? Mine does not have one and I'm considering ordering it and installing myself.

Wiley says:

Hey Powerful Uk! I have an issue on my 2011 Range Rover HSE 5.0 V8 and thought I would ask you if you have heard about this? Every time I fuel up at the gas station, my rover struggles to start and once I give it some gas, it starts and runs fine, but I also keep getting replace fuel filler cap in my dash, please help!!

deltafoxtrot2 says:

Great video, LR should have made the longer mudflaps out of rubber then they wouldn't get stuck in the sand and snap off. If you are towing a caravan the longer flaps are the better option as they will help to stop stones been catapulted through the caravan window from the tyres..

graham west says:

Another classic video. Do you sell a recovery point suitable for the front of discovery 4 as read front centre mount not suitable for snatch recovery.

Khalid Aldosari says:

How can I disengage intelligent start stop option ?

PGM says:

The black of the mudflap appears to be different as compared to the existing black trim…

Gregs Mowing says:

coming along nicely. the painted badge looks great.


Land rover have got it right they sell you the car for loads of money and then make more money out of you for parts that sould be standerd in the 1st place.

Deceuninck says:

Will you have the rear lights converted to the “x” ones? The tinted ones instead of your “red” ones?

Daniel Rogers says:

Looks as though these two styles of mudflaps are identical and would possibly both work with the larger wheel arches…any interest in installing the larger arches on your rig?

rafflesnh says:

So lemme see if I got this roit…. basically, you paint accessories black that aren't black, and woit the things that are black? 😉

Alan Ottley says:

Best part of your videos – “we have no idea what we’re doing” – just like everyone else that would be installing stuff. The white paint on the logo is brilliant!

chris pig says:

Love your videos, how about a Q And A video? Thanks

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