Install a DIY Heavy-Duty Pull-Out in your Land Rover Discovery 4 / LR4

Install a DIY Heavy-Duty Pull-Out in your Land Rover Discovery 4 / LR4

Hello everybody! Have you always wanted to have a pull-out in your Discovery 4 / LR4, but the offers on the internet are just too expensive? Build your own heavy-duty pull-out at low cost using simple tools.

In this episode I show you how I built a simple pull-out drawer for the Discovery 4 / Land Rover LR4 myself. The drawer also includes a camping table. At first I wanted to put a FrontRunner table on the roof rack, but that was too expensive for me. So I started looking for a good place in the car and that’s why I integrated the table under the drawer.

The first reason I chose the drawer instead of a fully integrated kitchen is that we use the Discovery as a daily driver. And there it would be very impractical to have a fully fitted kitchen in the boot.
I think this is a very good compromise between an everyday vehicle and a camping vehicle for a family of four.

The second reason is that if you want to remove the drawer and store it in the house, it doesn’t take up much space because of the height.

But now let’s see what I needed for the drawer:

1x Screen Printing Plate 1000x1100x18mm (maybe you need to cut it a bit)
1x Screen Printing Plate 1000x800x12mm (maybe you need to cut it a bit)

2x Aluminium L profile with the dimensions 100x50x5mm and a length of 1000mm
4x Aluminium L profile with the dimensions 40x20x2mm and a length of 1000mm
2x Aluminium U profile with the dimensions 20x16x20x2mm and a length of 1000mm

1x Pair Junker heavy-duty pull-outs KV2-200-H76-L1000-LC 1016 mm with lock-in/out latching
function Heavy-duty full-extension pull-out loadable up to 200 kg

1x Pair of Junker mounting brackets KW1-250-H76-L305 length 305 mm (12″)

1x Pair of Junker mounting brackets KW1-250-H76-L559 Length 559 mm (22″)

6-8 Washers for under the heavy duty rails

4x M8 40mm Stainless Steel Bolts + Washers (to fix it on the cars mounting points)
8x M6 20mm Countersunk screws + Washers and Nuts (for fixing the rail to the 100×50 aluminium profile )
8x M6x20mm + Washers and Nuts (for fixing the mounting brackets to the rails)
8x M6x16mm Countersunk screws
8x M6x15mm Sleeve Nuts
6x M4x16 Countersunk screws + Washers and Nuts (for fixing the U profiles to the mounting brackets)

For the camping table:

4x Folding stand Self-locking hinge leg fittings (Screws for fixing these to the table)

Table legs: What material you prefer. I will use a 30x30mm aluminum moulded tube which I’ll cut a bit to get it fit. Here you’ll need also bolts, washers and nuts. I think M4 bolts are enough.

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00:45 Why A Slide Out Drawer?
01:25 The Drawer
08:00 Timelapse Of Building

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Thank you for your understanding that my English is not quite fluent. But I am trying to improve.

All the best,

** Please always pay attention to your own safety when working on a vehicle and never lie unsecured under a car! I assume no liability for the correctness of the information given in the videos or for your personal safety! **



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You gave me some ideas in that movies , thanks

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Hi Peter! Are those mesh pockets custom made? I want the same setup!

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What kind of power station is that?

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Tolles Video… weiter so! Eine Frage am Rande: Wo hast du die Rockslider her? Finde nur Anbieter in Deutschland und der Versand is recht teuer wegen Sperrgut…

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