How to replace the oil pump on a 3.0L SDV6 LR4 Land Rover – Discovery 4

How to replace the oil pump on a 3.0L SDV6 LR4 Land Rover – Discovery 4

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Parts used in this Video:
OEM PSA/Ford Oil Pump 1001-G2 (box must have hollogram)
Front crankshaft seal Elring 374.680
MANN Oil filter (MANN is LR OEM)
Timing belt Continental CT1117
Down load link for drawing of crankshaft seal tool (pdf):

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Endoskope camera
Coolant Mannol SF12+

Oil specification of the LR4 3.0L is a bit different from the 2.7L:
Oil at operating temp! Use GAP tool to measure oil temperature.
Spec 0.1 to 1.0 bar at idle (2.7L is 0.7 bar min)
1.9 Bar at 3500 rpm

Also check this video for oil pump change of LR3 2.7L TDV6



Ein Felder says:

Is LR the only engine where the oil pump doesn't last the life of the engine? This engine might benefit from 10W-50 oil.

Ciprian Pascu says:

A pleasure to watch you, nice work! Did you make a video on how to measure oil pressure ? Or do you know any youtube video showing step by step how to check oil pressure ? I have 139 000 km and it looks like I need to change the distribution, and in the service they recommend me to change the oil pump too . I could do the servicing myself but I hesitate.. I'm not a mechanic.

Colin Park says:

You should sell copies of your special tools. Another great job and video by both of you.

Todd Hoffmaster says:

Look at all those hoses on the fan shroud – wow.

-LUKASZ- L says:

Good Job thanks for video

Metrix says:

I came for the land rovers but stayed for the toyota jokes

Jerry Greene says:

Thank you for the great video. That was a lot of hard work! Vera, I would like to request a LR Time sticker or patch. I’m happy to pay for it and the postage. I’m in America. What do you need from me to make that happen? Thanks so much!

Phil says:

Christian why is the oil pressure so low on these engines from new 1 bar at idle and 2 bar at 3000rpm is very low don't you agree. never miss a video keep up the fantastic work.

Burger Birger says:

Good video. What kind of oil is on the LR4? I know it's a low SAPS because of the DPF.
Looks like it's 5w-30 with the following spec? So no 5w-40 on this one?

Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5005

Ford WSS-M2C934-B

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