How to replace the EGR valve and water pump / Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 / LR4

How to replace the EGR valve and water pump / Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 / LR4

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We thought that there are not enough “how to replace an EGR valve” videos on YouTube. So we made our own. This is for entertainment only but it is possible that you learn something new as well.
Oh, we also replace the water pump in this video too.
Thanks for watching!
Vera & Christian

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Alistair Stewart says:

Hi Vera and Christian, I hope you guys are well. Thank you for the shout out at the end for Montana Rovers! Keep calm, and Rover on. Alistair Stewart

Mark P says:

"it's very important to have it in all the way" best line of the day.

Alexander Gabel says:

Hey Christian & Vera, good to see that you are enjoying sub-Australian temperatures and keep staying busy with your LR3. I just thought, how boring YouTube and your life would be if you had bought a Landcruiser 105 instead. No EGR, the water pump works since 23 years and apart from oil I barely replace anything. I thought I may replace the front wheel bearings and swivel bearings after 320,000 km, but just I watch your videos and become bored that there is literally nothing to do on this bloody Toyota. I'm so jealous. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe I just make something up, knock it with the hammer and then finally I can repair something. People are right when they say Toyotas are boring. Keep up the good work, I still enjoy your videos and maybe sometimes, you come down to Australia for a beer and BBQ. See Ya!

Paul Edwards says:

Another great video and glad you're still together after the stress of it!!!

Rob Peabo says:

Great video Christian & Vera. The EGR replacement doesn't look at all difficult in the overall scheme of things. You guys have done far more complex and what I would call challenging (stressful) work on your Discovery.

Rob Peabo says:

As you said Christian, we in Australia have nothing in the location where you have the diesel heater. It is a good location for another 12V battery for running a fridge, camp lighting, shower water pump etc.

TheMzx124 says:

If a water pump is on sale, you've got to buy it – LOL. The old one looked that it had some play in it already, so the sale was timed just right.

Just changed my timing belt so I replaced all the pulleys and also the water pump and belt to avoid having to disassemble all the stuff later.

Great videos, but I doubt I'd attempt the EGR valve myself. BTW – where did you get the tiny ratchet angled wrench and the magnetic bolt retrieval rod?

TheMzx124 says:

Funny when you are doing some DIY on your car, you always discover the stuff "professionals" working on your car "forgot" to put back, fasten properly, tighten correctly, etc. Whether they were working for the LR dealership or indie shops did not seem to matter…

stuarth43 says:

hello nice people
q for you, how many litres per 100km do you achieve at the pump, that is measured fuel, not the computer, I read 7.5 @100km/h on cruise control and at the pump 12.7, strange, the 2.7 engine, well no smoke no troubles

Eddie Cleaver says:

I love watching these videos; informative and so entertaining!!! Danke

Rational Thinker says:

Says a lot that there is a channel about repairing a car and there is enough content

Richard Sicard says:

Another excellent video, thank you.

Pa Scouter says:

It's more than just an amazing vehicle, it's also a hobby! LOL I know this for a fact, as I own one (Disco 3) and it's a good thing that I love it. Hang in there folks. Whether you know it or not, you are part of the "Disco" support group……LOL Don't you just want to slap the design engineers around a little bit. They made an amazing vehicle, they just did not consider working on it once it has been assembled. Yep, I learned a few new words over my relationship with her. Forgive me ladies, but I give all my vehicles female names…..for obvious reasons……LOL

Phil Adams says:

Hi Christian and Vera, well again with your super German efficiency lol the last time was the "TUF" legal spacers you meticulously fitted, again with my typical English disregard for the law and climate change I removed my EGR valves and removed the DPF and fitted a straight through pipe and did an delete on my engine obd programmer.
I am happier when the engine is breathing through a nice exhaust and not having its breathing chocked by pumping gasses back through the engine block to diminish its fresh air fuel mixture. Actually as long as the vehicle passes its emissions test on our MOT the removal of egr is fine also because of the weight of the car a dpf is not a legal requirement… the test isn't as bad as your "TUF" which I had to manage when living in Munster in the 1980,s
Always enjoy your technical skills and great humour lol all the best Phil and Louise

zaftra says:

What you want to get yourself is a rechargeable ratchet, you'll never look back.

ashystyle says:

Kindly clean your lens before filming!

Joseph P says:

Vera looking wonderful, as usual, l blanked off my EGR valves Christian but only after l spent a heap of time locating the turbo actuator and jigging it about with WD40 thinking that was the problem ie no power – l think itโ€™s debatable whether l did the right thing as all the soot has to go somewhere and clog up l suppose – good to see yous

Nutrunner 54 says:

Guys you never cease to surprise me your videos are always interesting and informative keep up the good work

zaftra says:

Interesting how in the UK Vera is pronounced with the tongue towards the front of the mouth with the front of the tongue to pronounce the R, and Vera seems to use the back of the tongue towards the rear of the mouth; makes for a noticeable difference in pronunciation.

Hans van Leersum says:

You two are fantastic!
Hans van leersum.

zaftra says:

Mines block off in the UK, never been a problem, but it's under a cover and I don't think they take them off.

์บ๋‚˜๋‹ค ์ง์žฅ์ธ / Kanadian TV says:

I love you.
I am LR3 owner too.
I have 2 LR3 ( 2006, 2008 )
2006 is Off road ^^
2008 is Daily ^^
So i got tip from you!
Really thank you for your video.
If i can i want to meet you with my "TANK"(LR3)
I hope road trip! From CANADA to your location. ^^
I just meet you and hi ^^
Have a great day!

Brenden Bithell says:

As someone who has worked on Land Rovers for 30+ years, I'll give you a good tip. Get yourself a few old pallets, then when you are working on the Landy, put one in front and one each side and that extra 15cm is perfect.
Pallets are free, environmentally friendly because they are wood, they have good grip on the surface and won't slip or fall over like a milk crate or step ladder, thy can live outside and when they rot, you can put them on the fire and stay warm.

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