How to replace Halfshafts on a SUV – Land Rover Discovery 3 / 4

How to replace Halfshafts on a SUV – Land Rover Discovery 3 / 4

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In this episode we replace the front halfshafts of our Land Rover Discovery 3.
We are not liable for any harm you do to your car, your engine, your surroundings or yourself. Use the information given in this video at your own risk.

We hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching,Vera & Christian

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philiqp3 says:

Dirt 404 on the Mercedes is funny!
Dirt not found error 404

Idk what was going on with your camera but it was really dark.

Chris says:

So you guys are concerned about disturbing your neighbors with noise? That's mindblowing to many Americans I'm sure. I thankfully live on commercial property and I can be as loud as I want 24/7 in my shop but for those in culdasacs and neighborhoods I imagine they deal with it if it's not a daily occurrence. Germans are peculiar imho, I'm sure were odd to them as well.

Toyota Tim says:

Another excellent video, well done both of you. When you fitted the oil seals do they go in and stop against a flange? On my what-cruiser I have to measure the distance from the edge of the axle casing to the seal or the new one could go in too far. I'm surprised you had so much trouble removing the old shaft and those of us working on the ground wouldn't have room for a 100 year old bar to fit in there so a big Toyota hammer combined with a small Land Rover bar does the trick.

D. Russ -drmcclung1- says:

Lord Jesus Christ of latter day saints those half shafts almost cost as much as a brand new Kia in the US (the real ones anyway)

gladwin george says:

Hey guys, I am loosing coolant in my land-rover discovery 3 v8 did a pressure test and was not able to find any leaks, do you think it’s a bad water pump?

Peter Türr says:

Schönes Video. Jedoch mag ich keine Jeeps ohne Starrachsen. Die Dinger werden immer mehr weichgespülter.

Alex Shapley says:

Wow! That looked like an horrendously difficult job (even after you had edited it down to 20 something minutes).
Huge Kudos to all, including your very talented son.
Looking forward to next week!

Chris Rushen says:

Another great video both of you..
You worry about the sound of the impact, when you have a huge power hammer set up in the foundry?
In the nicest possible way, I'm glad you're not my neighbours! 😉 Chris

FJ says:

This video's timing is SO great – just when I keep procrastinating this job myself!

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