How to refit the suspension compressor on Land Rover Discovery 3

How to refit the suspension compressor on Land Rover Discovery 3

this video shows how to replace the suspension compressor air pump on a Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3. LR023964. See below link for how to remove the compressor



David Harmer says:

Where can I buy one of these kits to refit the compressor?

John Gourlie Martin says:

Bodged job fitting the two pipes at the back, you should have cut the pipe further back and used L shaped air fitting"s" would have made a much neater job…. Good video and thanks for sharing

SCOTTY-SB140 says:

Hi is the hitachi the correct air compressor for a 2007 disco? Thanks

Tyler Burden says:

Where can I order the replacement mount package you guys put together
With the clips and bolts and new bracket

Martin Jones says:

Do you not have to use, pipe inserts at the 10mm and 8mm compressor end and on the connectors.

Darren Wootton says:

no there isnt room to get the top bolt into the top bush with the top cover on

Datchet Water Radio Sailing Club says:

Having taken off my compressor a number of times I left the top bolt off the bracket as it was such a pain to get in with the compressor on the bracket. Just seen on a forum a neat solution. Cut a slot the width of the bolt stud on the bracket leave bolt located in nutsert on frame when replaci g or removing just slid out after loosening bolt. Really good idea.

Datchet Water Radio Sailing Club says:

Just repaired compressor and have your fixing kit, watched video on refit a number of times and have a question. The top cover needs to be in place first, do you fit bracket then compressor or do yo partially fit the compressor to the bracket then fit brack to car. That top bolt is very difficult to replace so easy way is to fit bracket first but how to you fix the top bolt to the compressor not much room left any guidance would be appreciated

Terry Rensch

therealmillerman says:

Do you guys still sell this kit on your website?

Nagi Boutros says:

I cut the tubing as you did and need the fittings. Where can I purchase these quick connects?

Christian Stenger says:

but: can you get the top bolt in when the top noise insulation (cover) is already there? you mentioned there's enough space, but while the cover wasn't there!

Angelica Escobedo says:

please come fix mine lol

Mr Tunde says:

Please provide detailed info on price for Hitachi compressor and the website to purchase those custom bolts/sizes/lock-nuts/lug-nut, etc. My Supercharged is having the same reduced output issue: "Suspension Fault – Normal Height Only" which clears when I shut-off and restart and then comes on again when compressor is filling/pressurizing too slowly… When the fault isn't on, the suspension seems fine although it sometimes rides rough d/t pressure issues… Please help! I need information where to purchase the bolts/fittings etc and I can also purchase a new Hitachi compressor and then have my local mechanic do the re-fitting/install. Please provide more info ASAP as my babe/pride is swaying and riding rough when it hits the slightest of bumps, which is embarrassing to say the least; thanks.

Rob MT says:

Hi. i took my 2008 range rover sport to a shop because loud noise of air under pressure escaping from the air compressor located at the rear wheel. The plastic cover has a light crack but they say that it was enough to brake the line that comes out of the release valve. They say I need to replace the whole compressor. This compressor is new I just changed it 7 months ago after repairing the entire suspension system. Is there a way to fix it. how much longer will it last working. It works fine but makes a loud noise every time it releases the air pressure. I have no failure lights on and is working fine. do you have an email to send you the pics? thank you

Charlie Price says:

I cut the tubing as you did and need the fittings. Where can I purchase these quick connects?

John Bowden says:

On the difficult top bolt of the mounting frame, an open ended slot would work well , I managed by using a modified extension universal and black electrical tape

Falar Equestre TV Jorge Carvalhinho says:

In Range Rover Vogue 2004 how do I replace a rear number plate lamp

James Stockbauer says:

Youtube has just saved my $1200.00 by not buying expensive parts when my expensive parts were working. Fixed my 2005 LR3 suspension for $5.00.!!! Fuse dummy (me) Check the fuses and relays first !!!

J Mingo says:

I have the same issue with my air compression lines, where did you get the fittings for 8mm &10mm compression fitting extenders

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