How to install new hood alarm switch 2008 Land Rover LR2

How to install new hood alarm switch 2008 Land Rover LR2

My alarm kept going off at random and I was resurching online and found that there is problems with the hood switch on LR2 vehicles.
Always buy a new genuine hood latch. Do not get an after market part because Land Rover changed the design to an improved design.
I found a new switch for $45

I am using this scanner to pull and clear codes



Adrian Ojeda says:

Stupid video

Luther Lackey says:

The switch is $10.00 on eBay. It took me 20 min to swap it out

Beth Herring says:

Really screwed up this video with the computerized voice, makes no sense.

John Nakulski says:

This was quite helpful and worked for me, although I ended up lossening up the top of the grill, removing the right headlight, and operating from the headlight hole and the rear like a surgeon doing a laproscopy! Time will tell whether I've fixed the false alarm problem. Thanks!

BlearyBoy1 says:

Before buying a new switch take the old one out and clean it, it just gets sticky. Try that first. Headlamp removal is so simple too.

BlearyBoy1 says:

Just take the left hand headlamp out and you gain access easy

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