How to install a snorkel / Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 / LR4

How to install a snorkel / Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3 / LR4

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Now this is a a easy install – for other people – apparently. It took us more than 5.5 hour to get the snorkel installed as a first time job. We show you every step of the way of this litle debacle. Hope you enjoy the video.
Vera & Christian

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Nothing like a Landy, great work again.

john day says:

I used a hole saw to inlarge the intake hole..

David E says:

Omg I love you guys!

Allen Manor says:

3:21 – An American Sharpie SHOULD have been used for this procedure…

Stefan Herbst says:

Aber chic sieht es schon aus! Ihr habt ihn ja auch nicht wegen des Staubs in Deutschland, sondern wegen des Hochwassers montiert. Gruß Stefan

Dean Bratley says:

I am so glad you shared this. I had the same problem with my A pillar. I spent a fortune on the best drill bits and nothing went through, thought I was just dumb, ended up with one rivet and then epoxied it in. Whole process took 3 months till I finally went epoxy so you did it quick !!

Drinternat G says:

Amazing how it’s much faster through the magic of editing.

Si Crewe says:

What kind of nutcase would design that template/bracket so you need to drill a hole next to a spot-weld?

That experience should be important information for anybody attempting to fit a snorkel; look at where the holes in any templates are positioned BEFORE starting to drill and simply ignore any that want you to drill in stupid places.

Always love to see you working on your Disco'.
It's easy to see that you really know your stuff and people would do well to look at how YOU do things rather than copying some of the better-known Youtube DIYers.

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