How to install a CB Radio in a Land Rover

How to install a CB Radio in a Land Rover

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In this episode we install a CB Radio into Vera´s Land Rover Discovery 3.

We are not liable for any harm you do to your car, your engine, your surroundings or yourself. Use the information given in this video at your own risk.

Link to Drawing of Mounting Bracket for Discovery 3 and 4:

Parts used in this Video:
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Albrecht AE6120

Antenna Albrecht T-27

Thanks for watching,
Vera & Christian

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Darren Coyle says:

I would have mounted the aerial mount on the roof rack out of the way and arms reach, as usual a great video and a excellent workshop set up. .a small toggle switch in line with the 12 volts supply to save the radio coming on when the ignition is turned on and save it draining the battery.

Mark f says:

Christian, you r truly a wonderful electrician/engineer i wish i had your skill. great that u share and help
with your knowledge very entertaining . ps i thought Veras Land Rover was stick shift not automatic?

Alistair McCracken says:

Entertained! Like the 90's flashback. We were all young once!

Joe Stokvis says:

Yes very entertaining probably the best YouTube channels

Huw Williams says:

Your video content just keeps getting better and better.

Ray Collington says:

Thank you for the entertainment today. I'm always amazed at the resources you have at home. I wonder how typical this is of a German family. Most people in UK are not engineering inclined and wouldn't have a clue about any of your machinery and tools. Many thanks to you both.

A W says:

Another fantastic video! Sunday is the beginning of my weekend so I look forward to your new video each week. 🙂 now time for me to see what's causing the belt squeal in my Lr3 and address a big crack that appeared on my dash with the change in temperature:-( Have a wonderful Sunday!

Daan van Gruisen says:

Waw, a Lancia Delta HF Turbo!

DedekCZE says:

Maybe you could make a tiny cover for bottom of antenna holder to protect antena kabel. It would look cleaner and protected.

Eddie Murphy says:

and I for got to say how to test your antenna has a good earth first of all take the negative wire off the radio just disconnect it and then make sure your antenna is plugged into the radio then switch it on please note do not transmit when doing all of this, if the radio comes on then you have a good ground connection on the antenna if the radio does not come on make sure that the base is really connecting to the ground of the car all this will give you a better signal .hope this helps

Anonymous says:

Radio communication is instant you do not have to dial a number and wait for them to pickup the call. Also it is far more cost effective. CB or other radio communication is not dead.

Keith Hall says:

Vera , what is your CB Handle ? Great place to fit the Unit , much better than having it under the dash.

Bigglesfm says:

Nice to see CB coming back, I will take a listen out for you ' good buddies' ☺

John Spear says:

Neat installation, I have a CB (27 Mhz) antenna on my left wing and a PMR (446 Mhz) on my right wing I didn't make my brackets (LRP) my radios are mounted on brodit brackets either side of the transmission tunnel.
My thought though is could you also use your bracket design mounted at the front of your wings with an eye bolt for brush wires (limb lifters).
Keep up the good work.
2015 MY D4.

james caley says:

Squelch and SWR, think I woke up in the 1980s.

Jeffrey Wilkinson says:

Well deserved Vera. You will have great fun with your new two way. Great work as always Christian & Vera.

Eddie Murphy says:

you want the antenna as high as possible and separate wiring to the battery and you needed a swr/power meter to test the SWR-Standing Wave Ratio it has been over 40 years since i was into CB over 40 years ago and been a ham radio ever since oh and if you have the antenna on the front it will give more signal to the back and vice versa if you have it up on the rack in the middle you will give a equal signal all round good luck thanks for the video

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