World's first Bulletproof Lamborghini

World's first Bulletproof Lamborghini
click the link and let me know which membership level would you consider getting?
I will look through comments and pick 10 random people to give the amazon gift card.

Armormax –
woox –
Mck –
Scope –

Disclaimer: The USCCA provides a membership that provides you with Education, Training, and Legal and Financial protection in the event you are forced to defend yourself with any legal weapon. When you protect yourself or your family, the USCCA will protect you from the high cost of clearing your name. Find out how to avoid being hurt, arrested, jailed or sued, just for doing the right thing.



Neymar Junior says:

Me: I can’t even afford one single piece of gum

Doge Ashton says:

Imagine it didnt work…….

Imran Hassan says:

Dam whats up with his grandpa

pro says:

I play feefire it look like Desert Eagle

Abdulloh Dadaxanov says:

i have not lambarghini but when i buy thiz car i dont practise this work

yasir khan says:

I like their Elite Membership

michael michael says:

Shoot a 50 bgm with armor piercing rounds.

6bosss says:

That glass is not bulletproof glass it is just a hard glass

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