Restoration Rolls Royce Sweptail to 24k Synthetic Gold – Ultra Luxury

Restoration Rolls Royce Sweptail to 24k Synthetic Gold – Ultra Luxury

Recently, I found a Abandoned Rolls Royce Sweptail – a Super Luxury Car. A lot of People said me to do 24k Gold to Rolls Royce Sweptail and Make it a Billionaire Super Gold Luxury Model.

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Scorpion says:

Bro I have Audi R8 Spyder I need to restore it

BDxB SOUL says:

eating pizza and watching his video is too good

Joko says:

Cool video. Very intresting. I love you.

Mukesh Patil says:

Va Bete moj Kar di

Alex S. says:

3:36 this is art. looks incredible

Tejas Darekar says:

Hyadrochrome…. how to use chemicals and there chemical ratio.. Pl reply

Mohd JumId says:

I m junaid I have remte contol ride over car Or Jeep
I need PVC I ASK IN MARKET BUT PRICE R#.1500/- can u help if you second hand PVC INGOO PRICE

Marcelo V M says:

Where do I can buy this kit with sound and lights on 13:00 minutes?

Bullu Vishwakarma says:

Mera bhai hello bhai main aapka bahut bada subscribe aap mere ko yah gadi gift kar do

Khan 123 says:

Kya ye tum mujhe do ge car

Kaleb Jordan says:

Where do you find these?

Jacob Kaizer says:

I love these videos!!

Lisbeth Sevilla says:

LLo hijo en Venezuela

Lisbeth Sevilla says:

Regálamelo andas

SmokeBloom says:

You didn't draw that line…

Vang Thi says:

Who wants to be a failure?

SatANAL says:

чел покупает модели машин, ушатывает их, а потом их же и реставрирует. и все в восторге.

MohammadReza Khamisi says:

my sons really loved your work, they are happy for watching your videos

Rosa Candelaria Cruz says:

Goao que hido

Anna Chiarelli says:

Se r yjijg kggj

Enmanuel Gomez says:

Turip IP IP turip IP IP IP turip IP IP

imran ali khan says:

App hame ye bataiye ki gaadi restore kar rahe hi yar camical jana rahe hai

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