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I found an abandoned gated manual 2002 Lamborghini Murcielago at a track experience place. I took a risk and bought it. Since then we have been rebuilding the engine which someone attempted to rebuild 7 years ago and bit by bit we have been finding some surprising mistakes! This time we take the green wrap off the Lamborghini ands it just gets even worse.



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Thabo dlamini da 3rd says:

Really loving the content mate, I have a feeling this 1 is gonna be epic build, you cannot go wrong with this 1

evilstalkerhorne says:

You should thank them for the hole to access the gear box linkage. There was a certain few years of Corvettes that anyone smart drilled a hole through the inside of the front wheel well to access the 1 spark plug that you could not remove without otherwise undoing the motor mount and raising the engine. You just drilled a hole and when finished got a plug and put it in until your next plug change. That linkage is the same type of deal. You would have to be stupid or into self hate/punishment to remove the whole box every time in order to adjust linkage. This is poor engineering on Lamborghini's end which strikes me as odd due to the basic history of how he went from tractors to cars due to the Ferarri poor engineering and snob attitude towards him and his fixing the known issue. So yes if I had to do that job a cutting I would go! You already have the hole and less work next time! Thanks in order on your part to them I would say. About the engine stuff though, I bet they threw that guy in prison for being a bad mecanic lol If not they definately should have. The body damages… well it was a rented sports car. What would you expect? Some idiot has bound to have ditched it or crashed at one point or another. My whole thing is with fiber based frames how well they will hold up over time. Some cars with metal frames are over 100 years old and still great condition if maintained. If they have been neglected rust etc make them easily identified as maybe a problem which needs addressed. With fiber type frames how do you tell until it is too late if there is a small crack etc? How well will it last after 60 years or more? No one knows as the materials have not been in service under this application for that long. Let's not forget what UV does to cars which often are in the outdoors for extensive periods of time. I would be a bit hesitant of a carbon fiber frame on a car. Just sayin'

Ty Jeffries says:

Hoovies garage has the same hole

T K says:

Comment and a like to help pay for those parts

yindyamarra says:

Your so lucky to be able to work with your dad, I lost my dad 38 years ago miss him every day
I’m loving the Lamborghini vids, I want one now

jason w says:

There’s probably a tool to push the bucket down so you can remove the shims without having to remove the cam and retorquing it.

Ali Star mitp says:

Been watching Matt for a long time and I can genuinely this is one of the most entertaining and fun to watch builds can’t wait to see what next

Spencer Barnes says:

They’ve done what you did to your crash damaged cars, oh no!

Vitali says:

I honestly can't believe this car was 100k. Considering the amount spent on it so far, would be enough to get a working one or a brand new one

bus build uk says:

Thought you bought this with the condition that it was a complete car but in bits and its obviously not complete ,so I would be going for a refund from everyman racing cos a 100 bag for that you got shafted big time, and if you dont ask you dont get ,so get on the phone to everyman and tell them you want 20k back to go towards replacing the missing parts

djcrazy says:

i doubt ur gonna send someone to turn the key!!

FullSendMarine Darwin says:

I cant believe that was still worth $100k quid in that condition no engine, that is nuts! That's like $180k in aussie dollery doos

Danny Zuko says:

You could have got those "shells" made at a machinist shop for peanuts

Chris Saunders says:

With regards to the wrap/paint being ruined, on the door jamb there's a gumball 3000 sticker-did the car do the gumball and the damage from all the stickers/decals people put on the cars cause the paint and lacquer to peel off when someone tried removing them after? Be worth watching old gumball rally videos to see if this car participated.

Adam Taylor says:

Hoovie had the Car Wizard cut a hole in his Murci's transmission tunnel

808burt says:

didnt hoovie cut his too


ANIMALS MAN honestly how long would it take in the grand scheme of things to do it right i once left a garage for this very reason asked me to cut a hole in the floor of a ford focus to check the fuel pump after i told them that on the focus you have to drop the tank i said give me a 2 poster ill whip the tank out they said none available just chop it I said no my dad would disown me if I did that he taught me treat them like they were my own so they taken the huff and said they would do it themselves go and do the mot on your mates motor so I said not a problem Wich indeed I did and after i handed them the cash for the mot Wich i carried out lol and told them i quit and found another place to work lol have a great day the gated manual is coming along nicely

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