Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera DIY Clutch Replacement – Part 1

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera DIY Clutch Replacement – Part 1

Our 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera had about 22% clutch life left when we bought it, so we decided to replace the clutch so the new owner could enjoy the car without having to worry about it. While in there, we’re going to upgrade the exhaust to a Kline full Inconel exhaust which should really make it sound incredible! I can’t wait to hear it! So we took the Super G to the Howard, and began pulling out the transmission and we will document our DIY clutch replacement.

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Trevor Gennings says:

Where can I find a link to order the fiberglass rear bumper insert that you ordered for the mounting tabs

Trevor Gennings says:

Lol mine had all different fasteners on the rear grills as well when I had the clutch done..all the same issues hah and my carbon fiber side skirts were gone when I bought the car and now I see why

Dirt Flix says:

Great video and i especially like that time-lapse part at the end

Simone says:

So, what are you driving these days Dan ?

Paul M says:

"YouTube Certified" love the outfits

Vloogle says:

Cool car stuff!!! Yeehah!

Cars in the Wild says:

You'd think someone would 3d printing those plastic tabs by now if it's such a common failure item….

yipe222 says:

The drawback to mid engined cars, is they are a pain to work on.

Ben Lee says:

Superb opportunity to view the transformation works …regards from Malaysia

Marc N says:

I barfed a bit watching them work.

Alex D says:

I saw a brand new Evo coupe with a gorgeous pearl color being delivered today at the lambo dealership… at first I thought it was a performante from far away.

Zalez Inc says:

Is he a certified technician??

Alan Fing says:

your idea is better, up grade to fiberglass, i was a little eary on my comment, the replacement is the way to go,

J ROD’S Rides says:

Good job! Guys, that’s a lot of work but, it will be worth it. I wish that I’m there to help out.

Steven Farmer says:

Great job Dan! Any info on the Viper that you can share?

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