Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear Accumulator Replacement

Lamborghini Gallardo E-Gear Accumulator Replacement

In this video I replace the e-gear hydraulic accumulator on a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The accumulator stores hydraulic pressure so that the system has a reserve of pressure to make multiple shifts, as well as dampen fluid pressure spikes during shifts.



Christos Adam says:

Dude you are my hero, great video!

Jason Varner says:

also, mine is a coupe… so wondering if me prefilling the accumulator would be easier since my accumulator is vertical instead of horizontal?

Jason Varner says:

did you ever need to bleed the lower valve? the one that's buy the actuator? or where you able to do it all from the bleeder valve adjacent to the egear fluid resovoir?

OzCarGuy says:

its the same accumulator in a Murcielago. I replaced my accumulator and pump with Alfa Selespeed parts (£90 for accumulator, £220 for a pump).

Steve Engle says:

Thanks for this Evan. What brand/model is your vacuum pump? Cheers from New Zealand!

John Fisher says:

We’re you having shifting issues prior to replacement? If so, what symptoms

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