Lamborghini Gallardo Battery Replacement | Key Reprogramming and Key Adaptation For All Gallardos.

Lamborghini Gallardo Battery Replacement | Key Reprogramming and Key Adaptation For All Gallardos.

I show you how to replace the battery in your Lamborghini Gallardo. This works for all years of Lamborghini Gallardos to include the Superleggera.
I show you how to remove the front trunk to access the battery and the special 12 point triple star XZN bolt that holds the battery bracket on.
I also show you how to reprogram the key once you replace the battery so you will never have to use the manual release again.

Twelve Point Triple Star Socket Set:



Skyline Motorsports, LLC says:

Excellent and through explanation. Thank you!

Kent Adams says:

Wow! I'm constantly amazed at how difficult it is to do anything simple on this car. I recently changed the battery in my F430 and it took a good 5 minutes at most. I had to remove two screws and then I could access the battery. I put in an anti-gravity into my car, shed about 30lbs off the car's weight.

Willem Van Der Nest says:

The grease on the terminals is always important but did you know that if you don't have any grease then a good alternative is hairspray. It is excellent in preventing acid build up. If your battery connectors is full of acid then just pour some Coca-Cola on it and it will be gone in seconds. Just wash it off with some water and soap to prevent it from being sticky

Gabe Ortega says:

A supperleggera has been a goal that I been working towards for 5 years now. So glad I found your channel. Your mechanically inclined so I can definitely relate.

mariodesmo says:

I would have taken those 12 point, triple star doo-hickey bolts and replaced them with standard six point bolts. Keep the fancy Lambo bolts in the glove box for the next owner! I hate to see "special fasteners" on cars.

Joe Bond says:

Hey I’m in the northern VA area. Saw your tag, also have a Pre-LP Nero Nemesis Gallardo. Let me know if you are close!


You don’t need an arrow in every thumbnail

NDPesic Group says:

Great work !!! Love your DIY !!! People don't realize that it's easier than they think…it can save you thousands per year…plus you learn something new and get to say "i changed the oil on my lambo this weekend"….not many people can say that…

Tanel Rebane says:

These nifty DIY tricks are sweet! Had no idea about the 12 point bolts (also, why Lamborghini, why?!).

Bravo Bravo says:

Do you need to enter a code for the radio after you replace the battery?

Pilotgirl59 says:

Nice. I had to replace my battery as it was old and exploded while i was away and while on a battery tender. I did pretty much exactly as you except I have a LP and no cd changer. I opened my window as well to not get locked out if it didn't work while I reprogrammed my keys. Good content.

CNC Routers, Beginners & Beyond - Garrett Fromme says:

I was kind of afraid to change my battery so had others do it. Geeze… It's not a big deal. Thanks

Dave Steven says:

I usually clean off the insides of the battery terminal clamps before reinstalling on a new battery. Your's looked good in the video but they can corrode on any brand of car. How about changing the battery in your key fob as a supplement to this video?

jacob chavez says:

Beautiful again, one thing, in my car the battery, don’t know if is OEM, but seemed to me that was rubbing on top of the coolant aluminum pipe, so had to put a piece of rubber under the battery to give it some clearance, maybe it’s just mine, but you don’t want a hole on that pipe, don’t look very thick. Thank you again for doing this videos.

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