CRASHED Lamborghini at 212 MPH!! – Time to Rebuild It

CRASHED Lamborghini at 212 MPH!! – Time to Rebuild It

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In this episode of Real Life Exotics we start to work on the Lamborghini that was crashed at 212 MPH. We got it to start and will continue work on it. Stay tuned!

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Austin Denaro says:

Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth,a greater career,purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time.

John says:

Any new content coming soon?

jade_ De_gracia says:

I really really love how you transformed those wrecked cars into grandeous and gorgeous exotic exciting cars back to life,i really love you're channel man!100% excited

brickz ibanes says:

Where is RLE update? Wala bang bago?

Anthony says:

Somethings up with serge. he's gone missing

Skidkev says:

Man, the cameraman don't know shit about cars….lol.

Фильмы и Трейлеры says:

Выпустите на русском языке плиз

tazio nuvolari says:

no more videos????

И. П. says:

Приветствую! Подскажите, где можно приобрести одежду с вашей символикой в Москве и МО? Очень нравится ваш канал, суперрр! Качество выполненных работ на высоте!!!

Amber Nguyen says:

Tell lnc collision fix it

thareallest23 says:

Serge is a restoration God

Stipe Lucic says:

What’s up with the delay haven’t seen you in here for a while

Ion Cirlig says:

Hi. How can i get in touch with you

aNti#cRiSTo ! says:

this car didn`t crash at 212mph

Ian Mcewan says:

Where have you gone ?

Fris says:

That was my friend Aventador…It's loud.

Леонардинио Джихангиров says:

Молодец ни какие проблемы не пугают

Alfredo fantini says:

how are the name for the app to buy cars?

Saroj Sharma says:

Where is next video bro it's 1months around no updates???

Shariff Khan says:

OMG bro ohoooo

Sandy Sirsi says:

Love from india bro ❤️❤️

naoton laishram says:

You guy amazing great bro really really really

Rukaiya Docrat says:

Plzzzz post

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