Kia Stinger Remote Starter 5 minutes installation | How To install | My Key Premium

Kia Stinger Remote Starter 5 minutes installation | How To install | My Key Premium

Kia Stinger Remote Starter 5 minutes installation | Easy to Follow Tutorial

MyKey Premium 100% Plug and Play Remote Starter for Kia Stinger 2018-2022 all trims.

Remotely Start your Stinger by pressing 2x lock on your original Key Fob. (ENGINE STAY WORKING EVEN IF YOU GET IN THE CAR)

Auto door locker function included:
Once you approach/leave your vehicle it automatically lock/unlock itself.
Organically clean system (Made by Korean Engineers).

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Jose Estrada says:

Just placed my order last week!! Can’t wait to install it

Forrest Parham says:

Your channel is great, I subscribed. Try to promote channel via g e t 4 v i e w s – official advertising, without any cheating. Thanks for video.

St1ngerGuy says:

How do you enable the turbo timer option? I just replaced the oem kia remote start with one of these. Worked perfect first try.

Phantom Blaq18 says:

Thanks for the video it was a great help. But u like others didn't show how u cleaned up that area with those wires and that box. Where did u place the unit and wire harness?

Timmy Delong says:

i have a 2019 kia k900 Dont see anythig for it on website. would this use same plug

Dustin Naylor says:

my wifes car in the morning will not start always the first time . it will crank but not start . it will try but not successful until you try for the 2nd time . after the car has ran it will start right up the first try with remote start, is their a solution for this ? maybe a longer pause for fuel pump, or crank a second or two longer ? thanks

beefydude77 says:

I have a 2020 Stinger and the plugs you pull out are encased with a metal bracket, I suppose to prevent tampering. Anyone have an idea on how to remove that bracket? I can't pull the plugs without removing that bracket first.

Tilz Perera says:

Can you turn the car off with the key after remote starting it??

Walter Gill says:

This a great video. I would love to see the after install area where you place everything back under the glove compartment. How does that look?

2dope 4ya says:

Had mine for about 3 months now it just stopped unlocking the doors when you walk next to it but when you leave it lock. What is wrong with this?

Dustin Naylor says:

is their a way to have the park lights come on once the car has started? love the product so far just hard to tell if it starts when its far away . thanks

Faizi Roy Ramjohn says:

Looks great, mine is on the way. I have UVO intelligence app setup, but it unfortunately has the "feature" of keeping the hazard lights on once remote started, until you get in the car.

Thomas C says:

So much harder to pull these wires out. This dude makes it look so easy

Brn0ut4EveR says:

How long does it stay running before you get in the car?

Anthony Sarmiento says:

does this work on american models? and do you ship here?

Michał Surma says:

does it work with stinger 2017?

Manny G says:

Does think work on 2019 Stinger GTs?

jdog8931 says:

Is there a version of this that lets you start it with an app on your phone as well

Tenzin Khetsun says:

Is there a way to set up temperature? It’s winter here and the remote start seems to do only cold air? i have a 2021 stinger gt line.

diego olivares lopez says:

Is it compatible with a Stinger 2019 from Mexico? And how much time does it take to arrive? Zip code 45070 I really want to buy it.

Jenny Leister says:

Will this work on the Genesis G70 since they're basically the same?

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