KIA RIO Air bag lights ON / How to replace spiral cable/ clock spring

KIA RIO Air bag lights ON / How to replace spiral cable/ clock spring




marcelo muller says:

There’s a recall open to fix it

Joe Pedroza says:

Good video. Explained in good detail. Step by step, made it look easy. THANK YOU!!

Carlos De la Cruz says:

Good afternoon Boss.
I own a Kia Rio 3 CRDi 1.1 from 2013.
This afternoon I changed the Clock Spring because the Airbag light was on.
I have replaced it with the negative pole of the battery disconnected. Only when you connect everything and start the car, the airbag light is still on. What could it be? Thanks a lot.


Parusa Queso says:

Boss kakareplace ko lng po clock spring june last year kasi nawala busina tapos nawala po ulit ngayon dec.2020..may paraan po ba para irepair yung clock spring para di bumili ng bago?..salamat in advance sir..God bless!

aswin syah says:

Great bro. I wanna ask you, where do I buy Sensor Assy Battery (37180-1W000) ? I'm in Indonesia

Joe Foxworthy says:

Hi, do you not need to code the new clock spring? Cheers

Myshu says:

Great video,some of the guys out there don't even disconnect the battery,one question doesn't the head unit (radio,CD,)ask for a passcode after disconnect the battery. I want to do it myself but I'm afraid the radio,CD unit will ask me for a security code and i don't have it.

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